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  1. Liz

    At first glance, I loved it. But then I realized it was just a picture, and that the syllabus itself was a downloadable .doc, and all the rest of it was one centered column of links down the page. :/

    It did inspire me to be a little more creative with the design of my web design syllabi for this quarter, though. Maybe that will be today’s lazy-day task.

  2. Jill

    Yeah, I know, I kept wondering why the syllabus link didn’t work, until I realised it was being downloaded as a word doc…

    It would be hilarious to have an amazon-style working, linked syllabus. Possibly in breach of some copyright or something (nah, it’s parody and protected, right?) but what fun!

  3. Deena

    That was funny. But what you need is an Amazon search feature for the doc, and a check out line before you can buy the syllabus…

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