I’ve been leafing through old boxes of photographs finding forgotten versions of myself.

Jill in 1991 or 1992

1992: My second year at university and I’d chopped off my hair, as I do now and then, though inside me I always have long, chestnut hair that curls tight after rain. My boyfriend wanted to be a photographer (he became a cameraman though when he took this photo he did not know his future) and this afternoon (in early winter light?) he asked me to sit down by the tree behind Studentsenteret. The contact sheet is missing but I have three large prints of myself sitting there. In two of them I’m looking nervously, coyly at the camera, uncomfortable at being photographed. I like this one better. But what am I thinking of? What am I looking at? The grand villas across the street? A passer by?

If I am looking towards a dream I can’t have been very confident of achieving it. My dreams then were confused and unspecific, by the linear path of my life since then.

4 thoughts on “almost erased

  1. Christian

    Great photo, looks really good. ;)Are u thinking of blogs?

  2. Jill

    Oh no, if I’d been thinking of blogs I would have had a huge grin on my face 😉

  3. mcb

    What a beautiful photo.

  4. lisa

    Gorgeous and thoughtful.

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