4 thoughts on “almanac alert!

  1. nick

    Only almanacs?!? They should arrest people who are carrying around any kind of book!

  2. HÂkon Styri

    “They should arrest people who are carrying around any kind of book!”

    That’s close, but reality beats fiction. One of my favourite stories of 2003 is this one:

    This quote from the the interview with the immigration officer is somewhat mind-numbing:
    ìHe said, ëI looked you up on Amazon.com and you like books about second languages,íî

    Apparently they’ve recognized Amazon.com as a WMD source. I wonder how they classify people with blogs.

    Anyway, the almanacs and maps story is hillarious. I travel a lot and I usually carry stuff like almanacs, maps, fact books about the places I’m visiting and I almost always carry a camera. (Until september 12, 2001, I always carried a box cutter in my camera bag. Good grief, I guess I just have too many bad habits.

  3. Jason

    I saw that in the paper on my way into work on the Metro yesterday.

    I wondered if anyone thought it was suspicious that I lingered over the weather report.

  4. Water Cooler Games

    Flight Sim Scare
    Following on Jill’s post about the prohibition of lavatory queues on US-bound flights, and our absurd fears about almanacs, is this Register article about a state trooper’s housecall after a mother bought her son a Flight Sim from a local…

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