There’s an interesting and unusually poignant discussion over at Elouise’s about writing intensely personal blog posts. A suggestion I like is that once published (abstracted) feelings are no longer personal. Everyone feels them. That would be the difference between publishing what Jonathan calls truth and publishing facts.

2 thoughts on “abstracted

  1. jon

    Jean Baudrillard has something similar to this in his discussion of the Lourds – a TV show which ran in the early 70s. I think it’s in Simulations. He talks about the erasure of the viewing frame so experience /feelings becomes shared.

  2. Norman

    The mind, potentially, is an amazingly malleable entity. The primary limits to what we permit it do come back to the extent to which we want to let it wander off in particular directions, or are willing to let it adopt any one of a wide range of particular “positions”.
    Given, as we are, what no other species has, an intellectual awareness of ourselves, combined with the impossibility of ever understanding existence itself, it’s not surprising to find people interested in experimenting with “finding their personal meanings”, or trying to cross and recross the borders between what they see as “truth” and “reality”.

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