Terra Naomi used YouTube for a “virtual tour” this summer – so instead of driving around the country as she’s done previous, she put videos of herself playing her guitar and singing on YouTube. Go have a look at the video of her song Say it’s possible, for instance. Now notice that this video has 72 video responses and almost all of them are from other people who are playing their own versions of her song. Isn’t that just insanely beautiful? I mean, the idea, of people sharing and creating and performing for each other together alone like that? And to think that I heard someone worried that kids these days just download music, they don’t make it anymore.

Terra Naomi’s website explains her YouTube success well – the last stuff is, as Stephanie Booth writes in the del.icio.us link where I found this (can I link to that?), the most interesting from a new media perspective.

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  1. Adam

    Hi Jill,

    I have never done this before and was told about your site by my professor. I am not familiar with many of your topics, but I find that to be quite all right. I really enjoyed this post. I agree: It is insanely beautiful. It helped me realize how much I had become one of those kids simply downloading music. I used to play other people’s music as well as create my own all the time. I have found myself so extremely tied up with school that I have pushed much of that aside. I just look for new music, acting only as a consumer. Your post made me restring my guitar and play for a while. Thanks.

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