Today we’ve opened up the ELMCIP Knowledge Base of electronic literature up to everyone – it’s in public beta. It’s definitely still got a long way to go, but there’s enough there now that I think it’s already got a lot of value. And the more we feed into it the more excited I am about the potential of this research database. All the records are connected, so you can follow links from a creative work to critical writing that references it, or from a syllabus for a course on electronic literature to the creative or critical works that are discussed in the course. You can browse events and see all the works presented there, or look at the different events run by an organisation.

Here’s Scott showing you around the knowledge base. Or just go and take a look for yourself. And we need contributors: so please feel free to sign up and add your own or your favourite works of or writings about electronic literature.

Screencast: Introducing the ELMCIP Knowledge Base (HD) from Scott Rettberg on Vimeo.

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