setting up moblogging is not a cinch

Ugh! I want to moblog from Provence (I’m going tomorrow! Yay!) and none of the options are quite working.

  • Email to Flickr which posts to this (WordPress-powered) blog: This kind of works, but no title gets sent, well, no words at all, really. I like words.
  • Email to Flickr which posts to a newly created Blogger blog: This works better. The layout’s better, the title tag works, but still no OTHER words. I like words.
  • MMS to This seemed promising, since it’s set up by a Norwegian company and is specific to Norwegian ways of using technology – MMSes are great, really easy, free on weekends… But after just having set up a new blog on I was really frustrated. The interface is jumbled in Firefox, and really needs some work in terms of user-friendliness. There are lots of very small letters and a lot of buttons and NO HELP FUNCTION! Once you’re in there and you try to post something it tells you you can’t until you’ve set up categories, which really seems rather complex for a fresh blogger. The explanation of how to SMS or MMS posts is not in the interface you see after creating a new post, but at the bottom of the front page, and it’s ambiguous, too. When I MMSed a photo and the code word “blogg” and some text to the number given, I got an error message that I hadn’t set up a default category. But as far as I can see, I have. So I think I’m giving up on for now, though I’m kind of loathe to – I know how much easier it is to criticise than to create, and I really appreciate that there’s a Norwegian option now, but I’m totally spoilt by lovely interfaces. Using this made me squirm with delight to return to the elegant simplicity of the interface to Blogger.
  • Email to This works, and I set up my own “moblog” pretty easily, and both words and image came through, but it’s so ugly and overloaded with stuff.
  • WordPress also supports posting through email, but you need your own mail server, and I don’t have one.

Any suggestions? I’d really like to be able to post images to a blog while I’m in Provence… There is a computer, there, but it’s under the stairs, it costs a euro for ten minutes, there’s usually a queue, and really, I don’t want to sit there when I could sit outside and chat. If I can’t work anything else out, I expect I’ll post through Flickr from my phone (best way to get the photos out) and come add some words now and then from the computer.

24. July 2004 by Jill

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