do you have a full-time intimate community?

I think I was born fifteen years too late to have an FTIC (Full-Time Intimate Community):

FTICs are the close group of friends (usually around 8-10 people) with whom you share presence. Most mobile youths know whether members of their FTIC are awake, at school, happy, sick, finished with their homework, etc. They use their mobile phones to keep in touch with their FTIC usually sending state changes by text message.

Joi Ito posted this, discussing something called Radar, which is supposed to let young people easily share photos as well as text with their FTIC. I guess these are the people Twitter is for.

I wonder whether my students have FTICs, or whether they’re too old as well? My ten-year-old doesn’t – well, not yet. She has MSN messenger (the pervasive IM in Norway) but it’s infrequently used. Her mobile phone is only dragged along when I insist. For now.

13. March 2007 by Jill

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