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I’m in the lovely new university library coffee shop, upgrading WordPress and finishing a review I’m writing of Gisle Hannemyr’s Hva er Internett? You want the review? Here it is in (very) brief: Great book! If I’d known about it in November my 60 web design and web aesthetics students would be reading it right now; it’s perfect for teaching. Good coverage of internet history and excellent combination of cultural and political aspects with technical explanations. Perhaps a little too political towards the end – I mean, I absolutely agree, but at times the rationale for including DRM technology in a book about the internet is a little strained, but he does sort of tie it in. Oh, and the bit about blogs, podcasts and wikis is two pages tacked on right at the end, so obviously as a blogger I think that’s a cop-out, but there are other books about these things so I’ll live.)

There are students in groups at various tables. Some are discussing Spanish grammar, a group of five are planning a semester abroad and are discussing the technicalities of the European Transfer Credits System, the girls behind me are quietly studying and taking notes. The group behind me’s just packing up to go to the university bookshop and buy an extra book. Some of the most enthusiastic students in my class this year were here earlier, ecstatic about the project they’re working on. This university has absolute model students. I must remember to keep coming here when I’ve met a few too many of the unenthusiastic ones.

28. March 2006 by Jill

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