Month: April 2007

special issue on “les blogs”

Ooh! Volume Volume 24/140 of the French journal RÈseaux: Communication, Technologie, SociÈtÈ is all about blogs. It’s naturally called Les Blogs and I’ve ordered a copy at the fairly exorbitant price of Ä39. Hope my French holds up!


On Friday we had a snack at Pingvinen, completely unprepared for the delight that awaited us. Until then, I had had no idea that traditional Norwegian fenalÂr (served with flatbr¯d, potato salad and a sprig of thyme) was the perfect bar food […]

links for 2007-04-22

MyDD :: de Vellis Strikes Again — This Time Against Paul Wolfowitz Phil de Vellis (the guy who did the Vote Different video) made a mashup mixing sitcom The Office and news footage about Paul Wolfowitz: The Bank. (tags: worldbank wolfowitz video […]

links for 2007-04-21

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality “Each item was purchased, taken home, and photographed immediately.” Yuck. Doesn’t make you want to eat this stuff… (tags: fastfood photos health)

links for 2007-04-19

How Google Blogsearch ranks your Posts Alister Cameron goes through Google’s patent application for BlogSearch and teases out how they’ll be ranking blogs in the search – scanning links but also Google Reader stats and emails and chats. (tags: blogs search google) […]

facebook for grassroot politics

Facebook is now the 9th most popular website in Norway, and the group “Vi st¯tter Kadra” has 12,436 members, and there are more members every time I reload my browser. Kadra Yusef is a young Norwegian-Somalian woman who helped expose the way […]

World of Warcraft anthology sent to MIT Press!

We finished it! Last Friday, two days before the deadline, Hilde and I sent the whole World of Warcraft anthology off to MIT Press! And look, Hilde’s photo shows it was a really big wad of paper (oh, they got it electronically […]