Month: April 2007

links for 2007-04-19

How Google Blogsearch ranks your Posts Alister Cameron goes through Google’s patent application for BlogSearch and teases out how they’ll be ranking blogs in the search – scanning links but also Google Reader stats and emails and chats. (tags: blogs search google) […]

facebook for grassroot politics

Facebook is now the 9th most popular website in Norway, and the group “Vi st¯tter Kadra” has 12,436 members, and there are more members every time I reload my browser. Kadra Yusef is a young Norwegian-Somalian woman who helped expose the way […]

World of Warcraft anthology sent to MIT Press!

We finished it! Last Friday, two days before the deadline, Hilde and I sent the whole World of Warcraft anthology off to MIT Press! And look, Hilde’s photo shows it was a really big wad of paper (oh, they got it electronically […]

links for 2007-04-18

Fizzy’s Second Life Screencasts by first year law students studying property law in Second Life. (tags: secondlife property law) Exmocare: For Family Care Goodness. A wristwatch that monitors “your loved one” and sends you an email or an SMS if there are […]

Barbara Ganley’s speaking here next week!

On Tuesday, April 24, at 14:15, Barbara Ganley is giving a guest lecture here at the University of Bergen. Barbara is the author of bgblogging, and has used blogs in her teaching of writing for several years with great success. She has […]

virginia school shootings and citizen reporting

Of course there’s been a lot of blogging about the Virginia Tech shootings (terrifying, heartbreaking), and about the use of social media and citizen reporting around them. Tama Leaver has an excellent post discussing intended versus unintended citizen journalism, and the ethics […]

links for 2007-04-16

Websites as graphs – an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet I’ve seen this site before, but was reminded of it while looking at and for visualisations of blog networks. This one generates really pretty pictures – though with no information about which URL […]

links for 2007-04-15

Will the JFK of the Net be French ? – Le Blog de Netpolitique Interesting article about the creative and extensive use of the web in the current French election campaigns, with links to sources both in French and in English. (tags: […]

code of conduct for blogging

Some of you have followed the fuss about bullying in blogs in the aftermass of the death threats to Kathy Sierra from the meankids blog (now shut down). Tim O’Reilly has suggested a Blogger’s Code of Conduct, which is pretty over the […]