Month: April 2007

articles I want to read soon about the transition to print

From a course at MIT called From Print to Digital: Technologies of the World, I found the following papers that I really want to read. Grafton, Anthony. “Introduction to the AHR Forum: How Revolutionary Was the Print Revolution?” American Historical Review 107 […]

links for 2007-04-30

Crablaw’s Maryland Weekly: Take Back the Blog! Host Page “The Take Back the Blog! Blogswarm supports the rights of women to participate fully in all aspects of our society, including specifically online in the world of blogging but indeed everywhere and at […]

malaysian-norwegian blogger

Heikki HolmÂs linked to a report about how Norway grants short visit visas to family members in comparison to other Schengen countries (for instance, Norway refuses 54% of Pakistani visitors visas, which is much higher than Schengen), and I discovered to my […]

links for 2007-04-29

15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Exchange Program I’m only getting an hour and ten minutes or so out of the battery of my MacBook Pro, which truly sucks while travelling. Turns out the batteries sold when I bought my computer are faulty… (tags: […]

my talk at MiT5

Here are the slides for my bit of the panel I’m doing with Scott Rettberg and Nick Montfort on Appropriation and Collaboration in Digital Writing. Scott and Nick (who are also GrandTextAuto‘s representatives here at MiT5) will talk more about artistic/writerly collaboration […]

why ugly myspace profiles are incredibly interesting

Right now, Mike Newman is talking about The Show with ze frank, which was an immensely popular daily video log that ran for a year (though I never heard of it before). He just played this short video of ze frank talking […]

links for 2007-04-28

Adj¯? anonymitet – Kultur – NRK Nyheter “Framtida tilh¯rer de som har et sosialt liv p nettet. SÂkalte sosiale nettverkstjenester har eksplodert i popularitet, og Facebook er den heteste arenaen for ¯yeblikket. Her er nesten ingenting hemmelig eller for privat.” Not sure […]

conference notetaking on twitter

Luca’s narration of the Second Life panel is so great, I’m going to try doing my notetaking on Twitter for a bit. You can read my twittering if you like. Any other MiT5 Twitterers I should follow?

introduction to MiT5

The first plenary session at MiT5 was fabulous, like being in a mirrorworld where everyone gets it. Henry Jenkins‘ introduction used Stephen Colbert as an example of a mainstream media character who gets mashup and remix culture. To the audience’s enjoyment, he […]