Month: June 2003


So I’m half-packed, I finished the weblog definition, I bought my books for the plane, I mowed the lawn and gave the lady upstairs the spare key, I just have to do the dishes, vacuum the floors and put all the clothes […]

final version of weblog definition

This is the definition of “weblog” I’ve written for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory, which is forthcoming in 2005. It’s limited in size and scope: I had to keep to a maximum of 500 words, including the references, and I wrote […]


I’m listening to the very languid mix tape (well, CD) that Alex gave me when he was in town, and I’m drinking beer, and enjoying the cooling late evening rays of sun shining through the window and onto my shoulder, and rewriting […]

new mac?

Our Mac consultant is brilliant. Yesterday I told him I finally got the faculty to approve getting me a new Mac. “So what kind do you want?” he asked. “I was thinking a 12 inch powerbook with a nice external screen and […]

first draft is full of holes

I haven’t finished writing this but my head is aching and all my muscles are screaming at me to get OUT OF THIS OFFICE and so I’ll post this unfinished draft anyway. It’s for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory, as I […]

writing a definition

I’m writing a 500 word definition of weblog for the forthcoming Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks but have only half-written it – my plan is to finish a draft this afternoon and post it here, and […]

peppermint tea

This morning I walked through the wet grass in my tiny garden to pick a sprig of disobedient peppermint, growing everywhere but where I planted it. I took the peppermint back into the kitchen, put it into a chipped ceramic cup that […]


Look, he’s serious! And so incredibly honest about it! From today’s email: I am interested in buying text link advertising promoting my internet pharmacy off of your website. The links would not have to be in a very prominent place on the […]