An interesting exhibition format: British artist Katie Lips is exhibiting 160 SMS messages that have meant a lot to her in the last 18 months. Thing is, she’s exhibiting them on your ipod – the idea is that you download em and pop them into your notes on the iPod, which lets you browse them while on the bus or wherever. I like the idea. And of course right now I can’t find my ipod (aargh, I had it the other day) so I’m left wondering whether to wait (and most likely forget to install it) or to just read the messages as text on my computer?

I found this while searching for a short narrative project I thought I remembered being called 160 (which of course is the maximum number of characters in a single SMS) after noticing this onesixty project (via Writer Response Theory) that’s not what I remembered. I’ll definitely be returning to the site where Lips’ project is exhibited: S19.Afflatus is devoted to art for mobile devices, and has a lot of different projects you can download for your mobile phone, Pocket PC, ipod, Palm and so on. I’ll be exploring that later.

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  1. Elin

    Do you think she thinks of this as art..?
    Feels a bit simple, perhaps? – We’re all sharing these days, be it 160 emails, pictures, stories, podcasts…

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