Back to school for heads of (small) departments means:

  • Plan your teaching for the semester. As usual.
  • Coordinate orientation meetings.
  • Write a report about how the department will nurture research in next year.
  • Write a report evaluating the MA program.
  • Follow up on reorganisation plans. Remind people we exist.
  • Realise since everyone wants to use other teaching rooms than the one with the built in projector (because built-in-projector room has no windows and not enough seats for students) we now need more projectors. Frantic emails. Wish someone (like me) had thought of this earlier.
  • Realise can buy new projector. Arrange for one to be bought and installed in pleasant teaching room. Consider where money will come from.
  • Plan department seminars.
  • Set up roster for leading writing group for MA students.
  • Nag bookshop about more copies of dossier due to more students than expected.
  • Make sure Facade is installed in computer lab.
  • Arrange office space for people.
  • Try to get some research done.

I’ve done or am doing most of these things. It’s under control. It just takes way more time than I wish it would.

2 thoughts on “what I’ve been up to

  1. Gro

    Don’t forget your friends at fabrikkgaten on your days working
    with research. we have coffee.

  2. Jill

    Ooh, yes! 🙂

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