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Isn’t that cool! I made it at Feedburner, where I’ve also constructed a new feed combining stuff from here, from Flickr and from my Del.icio.us links.

Now I just have to figure out where to put my little automated ticker thing. Feedburner suggests you could use it as an email signature – but I hate email that’s not plain text so I won’t be doing that. (Though it’s kind of tempting in a freakish way) So for now I’ve just put it on my Flickr profile. I subscribed to a feed from all my friends’ photos at Flickr, too, which is brilliant! That hadn’t occurred to me before, but it’s so cool! I’m finally totally digging RSS.

06. September 2004 by Jill

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  1. Yeah… I liked the ticker too… but it’s quite difficult to find a use for it. I won’t put it on emails… so what to do with it? PRofiles? hmmm.

  2. I love it. Instead of using some static graphic when pointing to a site from some other place, this can actually give a dynamic view of the newest content on the site, allowing the user to assess the info before clicking. Nice! I made one too: http://www.kopenhagen.dk/netkunst/articles/feed.htm

    Is there any way of making it display more characters in the titles?


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