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I wrote a few weeks ago about Store norske leksikon (SNL), the well-established Norwegian paper encyclopedia that’s gone digital with a mixture of Wikipedia-style user-generated content and experts for different topics who put the “quality assured” stamp on certain, specially-vetted articles. Now it’s still early days and presumably the system’s not quite, well, quality assured yet, but there are some embarrassing mistakes at this point. Such as this: a “quality assured” entry on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning that gets the acronym wrong. It’s collaboration, not communication, as UiB researcher Frode Guribye pointed out on Twitter a few days ago.

screenshot of SNL definition of CSCL, March 18, 2009

And yes, I clicked the comment button, so presumably the expert in question has received a note about it.

But seriously, with this many errors, SNL should definitely put the beta stamp on the whole site, as Eirik Newth suggested a while ago. It really damages their long-term credibility when we see all these mistakes – and personally I find the ads hard to swallow for a site that’s supposed to be serious public information. Makes me realise how I love that the Wikipedia has no ads. And the discussion pages where you can see other peoples’ comments in Wikipedia – awesome! As it is, someone coming across that “quality assured” page would have no idea that it’s wrong, and that several people have pointed that out.

18. March 2009 by Jill

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