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screenshot of first page of Why Some Girls are Bad that I saw after adding it to FacebookI’ve seen some collaborative story-writing apps for Facebook before, but this is the first narrative I’ve seen that’s written to be read in Facebook: Why Some Dolls are Bad, by Kate Armstrong and Henry Khachatryan. I found it in the same way one finds most things in Facebook: two of my friends added it.

I only just added the app so don’t have much to say about it yet, but here’s the blurb:

Why Some Dolls Are Bad is a dynamically generated graphic novel built on the Facebook platform. The work assembles a stream of images from Flickr that match certain tags and dynamically mixes them with original text in order to produce a perpetually changing narrative.

Users who subscribe to the application in Facebook can capture pages from the graphic novel and save, reorder, and distribute them.

The novel engages themes of ethics, fashion, artifice and the self, and presents a re-examination of systems and materials including mohair, contagion, environmental decay, Perspex cabinetry, and false-seeming things in nature such as Venus Flytraps.

And here’s Kate Armstrong’s outside-of-Facebook presentation of the piece.

18. November 2007 by Jill

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