MacBook theft control

Have you heard of Undercover? It’s laptop protection software for Macs that only goes into action when your laptop’s stolen. See, that’s when you tell the Undercover people your secret code, which they then register in their database of stolen computers, and then next time someone (the thief!) connects your computer to the net it’ll check with its mothership and realise that it was stolen.

Goto Plan A: it’ll notify the mothership of its IP-number, take photos of its user (if it has a built in camera like my MacBook) and send in screenshots every six minutes, that might show things like the thief’s email address or other personal information. The company that sells Undercover gets this information to the police and hopefully your laptop’s recovered just like that.

If not, goto Plan B: a simulated hardware failure. The laptop will no longer work – until it’s taken to a repair shop (I’m not sure how they know it’s a repair shop, maybe they have all the IP addresses of Apple repair stores?) When it realises it’s being fixed, it displays big messages saying I’M STOLEN! or something and (I love this) it plays a VOICE message at top volume saying something to the same effect using the built in text-to-voice software.

Just imagine the scene!

All this for $39 or $49 for a household licence, well, what with my office being (relatively harmlessly) burgled this weekend I was all ready to buy it. Until Scott said hm. How do you know they’re legit? Are you about to just let some random company with a cool concept get a backdoor into your computer?

So now I don’t know what I’ll do. Sigh. But still, isn’t it an amazing idea?

05. December 2006 by Jill

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