9 thoughts on “what portion of the population has been on television?

  1. Lars


  2. Jill

    FABELAKTIG! Tusen takk, Lars!

  3. Oyvind

    As I read the data, it’s only the the group “Superbruker 1”, that has 38% on TV.

  4. Jill

    Do you think? I don’t read it that way – but this is just a journalist’s rendition, I can ask the researchers.

  5. Anders

    It’s 38% of all Norwegians older than 9. My research group did this study, and it’s reported in Dagbladet

  6. Jill

    Thanks Anders, brilliant!

  7. Oyvind

    Great, Anders. It’s always nice when the answer is answering. 😉

  8. Elinesca

    I have been. several times~!~!


  9. Jill

    I don’t think I have been. Except on Bergen Student TV, or rather, I will be on BSTV, they interviewed me and Morten yesterday about Facebook.

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