fetching-bound-PhD-thesis.jpgMy mother, daughter and I laughed so gleefully when we picked up the five copies of the thesis from the copy shop that the copying men smiled back, enjoying the absurdity of photo sessions in a copy shop. It looked just like in the PDF, except realer. It didn’t feel real at all leaving the bundle of theses in the secretary’s office with a letter on top formally requesting that the thesis be considered for the dr. art. degree. There were no witnesses except for my mother, daughter, two students we passed in the hall and my mother’s camera. But I think it’s true. I finished!

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  1. Gˆran H

    Congratulations! You don’t know me, but i’ve been reading you blog for some time now. Good luck!

  2. mari

    Gratulerer masse!

  3. Rich Higgason

    Congratulations! It’s quite a relief, isn’t it?

  4. Jason


  5. Jon

    Gratulerer Jill. Lykke til!

  6. Liz

    Congratulations, Jill!

    And what a great photo! You’re glowing. 🙂

  7. i1277


  8. George


  9. Stian A

    Grattis, Jill! 🙂

  10. chuck


  11. Matt K.

    Congratulations, Jill–

  12. Robert

    Well done, and good luck.

  13. Jan-Erik

    Gratulerer !

  14. jon

    That’s SO rock & roll ! All the very best…

    I note that scarves are still necessary in Bergen in May 🙂

  15. Kjersti

    Flott levert Jill! Gratulerer massevis!

  16. Auntie Joan

    Congratulations Jill, we’re all thrilled for you here.

  17. Esther


  18. Line

    Hurray! Congratulations Jill! Hepp hepp 🙂

  19. ellen

    Gratulerer s masse med doktoravhandlinga di.
    Sikkert godt  vÊra ferdig.

  20. Mum

    A big bunch of congratulations Jill!!

    Be prepared for a few withdrawal symptoms when the initial euphoria has worn off. Thereíll be all that time thatís no longer filled with thesis-writingÖ.. But each time you feel at a real loss, just put on your best teapot, climb onto a duck and take a ride into the sunset …. But before you take off, remember to edit the text on the left of your blog. You’ve moved on from there now m’gel!!!
    Loads of love,

    PS Great photo!!

  21. Anne Galloway

    Congratulations Jill – you should be proud! And I can’t wait to meet at a conference one of these days 😉 Cheers!

  22. meredith

    that’s fantastic, Jill. Good work!
    See you in Melbourne…

  23. zak

    congrats! do you plan on publishing it on your blog?

  24. Ken

    Congratulations – Now prepare for the slowest few months of your life. Even when examiners are organised it will still seem like an age until you hear anything!!


  25. vika

    Woot! Congrats, Jill!

  26. Henning

    Congratulations Jill.
    Have fun in Melbourne.

  27. Mum

    I see the hint has been taken – hope everyone notes that nice new text on the left of the blog!!

  28. Lisa

    Yes, indeed. At least, this reader noticed.

    (Now if she just takes the hint to not beat up on herself for feeling a bit let down after all this effort…)

  29. Dennis G. Jerz

    Just piling on to say congratulations.

  30. Alex

    “It looked just like in the PDF, except realer”: dude, that’s fucking deep.

    Congratulations and mazel!

  31. Jill


    Hey, I slept TEN HOURS! And am going for a run in the beautiful sunshine. Today things are indeed looking a bit brighter. No rain, for instance!

  32. Tinka

    Wooh! Congratulations!

  33. francis s.

    Grattis, congrats, woo-hoo and all that…

  34. dglen

    Many congratulations. I remember the same elation when my wife finished hers about a year ago. It’s amazing you’ve kept up such an energetic blog as well. I look forward to more.

  35. ODP editor hansfn

    On behalf of the Norwegian ODP editors I wish you the very best! You should look forward to the defense – it’s a very nice experience and not dangerous at all 🙂

    PS! For those of you reading Norwegian, take a look at Jill’s Blog category at ODP

  36. mymarkup.net

    Gratulationer via TrackBack!
    Jill Walker har ‰ntligen blivit klar med sin avhandling, och hon ser riktigt glad ut. Fˆrr i tiden skickade man…

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