chinese-top.jpgI just realised I have to figure out what to wear for my trial lecture, too! Would it be inappropriate to wear the same outfit as I’ll wear the next day? Should the trial lecture attire be a little less formal than the actual defence’s costume? Would a skirt give the wrong impression? Boots or shoes? Perhaps my red, chinese top, · la Mary, with jeans and boots (and hair up or down? sleek or curly?) to invoke an image of multivalency and grassroots power? The intertextual connections to the turquoise corset in Chinese fabric I’ll be wearing the next night (with a scarf and a long, black, mermaid skirt) would work well.

It’s amazing how easy it is to obsess about practical details rather than write my lecture. At least I’ve stopped researching the entire etymology of “avatar”.

6 thoughts on “outfits

  1. torill

    I’d go with less formal, but dress for grabbing attention and accentuating your strength! Dominate that room, make then see nothing but you, and then take their minds to that special place where you want them all to be.

  2. Francois Lachance

    To enact the fungility of textual and sartorial constructions…. a scarf or some such accessory that is partable and provides a bit of a parsing challenge. There is always the set of eyewear that is smartly removed when answering questions with a steely gaze… Peelable tatoos might be a tad outre. 🙂

  3. Francois Lachance

    oops that should be “fungibility”
    Mind you “fungility” looks like a neat conjunction of “agility” and “fungibility”.

    a pre “post-catharthic hangover” state that fugility, one that might help one avoid the hangover or the post-partum blues

  4. Jill

    Ooh! Temporary tattoos! I hadn’t thought of that option! Thanks, Francois!

    That’d look REALLY good with the corset. High on my back, almost covered by the translucent scarf.

    My reading glasses are way cool, but I can’t see more than a few metres in them, so I think the handicap would outweight the coolness factor.

    What did you wear for the trial lecture, Torill?

  5. Ghani

    Your wardrobe is so much cooler than mine, Jill. I think I need to hit the thrift stores again…

  6. HÂkon Styri

    “Temporary tattoos!”

    Have all your friends tattooed with key phrases from your thesis. (Ok, I ripped that off from some book promotion comment that I didn’t keep the link to.)

    According to some of my friends, the realy scary stuff at the defense seems to be friends and family turning up (and just thinking about an ex auditorio question from family… 😉

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