Oh dear. The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs has a website that can only be viewed in Explorer. Unimpressive, huh? However if you do use Explorer, and click “Billedkunst” and then “Bevilgninger” and then scroll to the bottom you get to see what “art and new technology” (kunst og ny teknologi) projects are getting funding in Norway this year.

3 thoughts on “kunst og ny teknologi

  1. Jon

    Actually it works both in Mozilla and Opera on a Windows PC. Might be a Mac-problem?
    On the other hand; the frontpage has a pointless Flash-movie.

  2. Eirik

    Opera/linux shows the page, though with some difficulty. Konqueror (on which the Mac safari browser is based – http://www.linuxjournal.com/article.php?sid=6565) OTOH doesn’t show much at all. I’m so not surprised by this. In my experience many people in the arts have a limited understanding of computer technology. A favourite example: see what happens when you type http://gyldendal.no (Gyldendal is Norway’s largest publisher). Dropping the three w’s is very common, but the people at Gyldendal seem to be unaware of this.

  3. Jill

    A lot of sites (Norwegian particularly?) have never registered the www-less URL. It’s incredibly annoying.

    There’s been plenty of complaining about the lousy browser support on BB (Bergen senter for Elektronisk Kunst‘s mailing list) and apparently the KulturrÂd has come to realise how shocking this is, blames the external and obviously imperfect designers but there’s no funding to improve the site.

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