3 thoughts on “how many people actually use social websites?

  1. Scullyoslo

    Interesting stats. At my high school (Norwegian), Facebook is all the craze nowadays. As all our students are issued laptops, this fad (latest in a long list) functions as a mentail drain during classes, subsuming their attention. As the laptops are owned by the school and to be used for school purposes manily, I cannot see why Facebook should not be “banned” during school hours?

  2. Linn

    Huh – I wonder what they define as social networking sites? Do they include flickr? And I’m sure Habbo Hotel would set the numbers up higher as well. What are the definition boundaries of a social networking site? Hmm

  3. […] Äh ja – ok… Also Social Networking war das Thema. Den ganzen Hype möchte ich natürlich nicht verpassen – schließlich endet fast 7% des Webverkehrs auf solchen Seiten. Dummerweise wissen wir aber alle, dass Informatiker alles Kellerkinder ohne Freunde sind, deswegen präsentiere ich hier mein Antisocial-Network: […]

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