Astonishing! Hanna and Nick not only made stunning salads, Hanna fixed my blog! I can blog again! Life is beautiful again!

Actually I was playing cool. Yeah, you know, sure, it’s good not to blog for a while. Bit of a break, a hiatus, time to smell the roses and not write about the scent. Even reading friends’ blogs is less appealing when you can’t blog yourself. This morning my restored laptop beckoned to me, asking me to check it out before showering, having breakfast, but newspapers were bare, my blog dead, my email empty except for spam, after a fortnight of “I’m not checking my email cos I’m on holiday messages”. I read a paper copy of Wired instead, which nearly satisfied my longings. Over lunch of course I couldn’t entirely keep conversation to elegant subject matters but couldn’t help the occasional “so Hanna, if I don’t have the password to my blog or to my mysql database…” and she magically typed and fixed and I’ll admit it: I missed my blog.

9 thoughts on “hooray

  1. mjones

    And so did we.

  2. Clancy

    Yes, welcome back!

  3. dr. b.

    Well I have to say, I missed ya!!!

  4. diane

    Nice to see you back online!

  5. Jill

    Oh thank you!


  6. weez

    Although it’s already been said – yes, I missed you.

  7. Liz

    So, I need more details. Your computer got repaired? And how exactly did Hanna manage to get your access restored without your passwords?

    Regardless, it’s very nice to have you back.

  8. hanna

    Liz, see my comment here for a full (and probably rather boring!) description of how I fixed it.

    And yeah, I agree with the others—it’s great to have you back Jill!

  9. […] What happened? Well, let me simply say this: never put your drink bottle in the same bag as your laptop. My laptop was only a little damp when we arrived at Liz’s, and I know the leaking could only have occurred during the last leg of our journey, but the computer still wouldn’t start up. I let it rest for a week assuming it would dry out and be fine, but it wasn’t, and when Apple received it they pronounced the logic board and the hard drive dead and gone and sent me my old computer back with a hard drive empty but for a very minimalistic install of the operating system. New installs of Word and Photoshop and Endnote and Dreamweaver and iLife will have to wait till I return to the university server. Can you believe Apple ships without iPhoto these days? At least, they ship repaired computers without iPhoto. iSync and iTunes I could download, iPhoto I can’t. […]

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