This weeks my students are doing JavaScript forms and I’m racking my head to think of any blogs that use forms usefully, so that I can give the students a constructive and useful task to do with forms rather than one of those “make a form with X, Y and Z and then never use it” exercises. Makes me imagine some kind of forms art – oh, Ian Haig’s My Favourite Babe (which also has an artist’s statement at Rhizome’s art base) uses radio buttons and so on rather amusingly come to think of it, on the third or fourth page I think. Any ideas or links about interesting yet fairly simple JavaScripty blog things?

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  1. brandon

    Mouchette is a net.artist that uses forms in a lot of her works in fairly creative ways… Go to the popup at the bottom to browse for examples…


  2. Jason

    Check out – the people who post comments under certain scripts are often the same people who use them.

    Dawn at often uses cool javascripts for popups and preventing people from downloading her images. She often integrates it subtlely into her page… check out her contact her form.

  3. Randy Brown

    Not a blog, but here is an example form that use Javascript to calculate item prices, based upon quantity. It automatically updates. This seems to be the type of real-world aplication of Javascript that students need to look at.

    I hoep this is useful.

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