The topic for today’s class is blogs and journalism. We already talked a bit about the development of newspapers when we were talking about Habermas and the public sphere. Today we’ll be more specific. Some of the matters we’ll touch:

Here are some examples of blogs that might (note: might) be thought of as a form of journalism:

6 thoughts on “class feb 15: blogs and journalism

  1. Sindre

    There is actually an updated version of EPIC 2014, called EPIC 2015, It factors in new trends such as podcasts, GPS tagging of photos and more… both available here

  2. Jill

    Oh, brilliant, thanks Sindre!

  3. Matthew

    Speaking of HUIN206, Jill is featured in an article in Studvest. Or, if you prefer PDF (pages 18-19),

  4. torill

    Did they really scalp him? The bloggers involved in the affair think so, but there have been certain voices of dissent. That they were active media critics is obvious though.

  5. Jill

    Oh, I agree, Torill, I’m sure it wasn’t solely due to the bloggers – but they certainly had something to do with it. More to the story than just their side though.

  6. Jill

    And thanks, Matthew 🙂

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