I hadn’t seen this CFP before, for some reason: it’s calling for 250 word abstracts about blogs, and accepted abstracts will go to 3000 word papers that will be compiled into a peer-reviewed, web collection edited by Clancy Ratliff (who’s doing a PhD on gender and blogging) and other people at the University of Minnesota. The deadline for abstracts is in five days time. Perhaps I’ll submit an abstract analysing what encourages comments in blogs. Ha.

7 thoughts on “cfp: blog collection

  1. Anne

    Clancy has a blog too. And I think you *should* submit a proposal!

  2. chuck

    This CFP looks promising. Thanks for reminding me to submit!

  3. Jill

    Oh, thanks for the link to Clancy’s blog, Anne, I didn’t know about that! Great! I’ve instant-blogrolled it 🙂

  4. Clancy

    Hi, Jill! I’m happy that you’re thinking about sending something. And thanks for linking to me! It inspires me to write the best posts I can. 🙂

  5. mcb

    Yeah you should put in an abstract. I’m working on one at the moment, too.

  6. Anne

    It’s good to know my proposal will be in such good company 🙂

  7. the chutry experiment

    A Better World Through Blogging
    Like almost everyone else, I’ve been thinking about submitting to the CFP on blogging (now that the deadline is fast approaching). Right now, I’m intrigued by questions about the social and political effects of blogging. Anne Galloway has linked to…

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