US reinstating the draft from 2005?

I can’t find any mainstream media confirming this, and the links go to a 404 at a homeschooling network rather than to a government site, but perhaps someone more skilled in US politics can confirm this or expose it as make believe: apparently the US congress is trying to get two bills through, quietly, that would reinstate the draft so men and women between 18 and 26, even if in college, could be sent to war against their will. Starting June 2005.

If true, surely the mainstream media would be reporting it, though? Google news doesn’t have much on it. A regular google search for US draft June 2005 brings up lots of blogs and alternative media discussing it, but I couldn’t find any official sources referenced.

[Update: Metafilterists dug up links of course. Snopes reckons it’s an urban legend, though who knows? Anyway, Norway has the draft already. Yay.]

30. May 2004 by Jill

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