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A couple of years ago, the Iberian slugs appeared, crawling slimily into our gardens. Murder slugs, brown slugs, Iberian slugs; they have many names. Nothing will stop them. In Iberia they might have had a place in the ecosystem, but in Norway they destroy gardens. Oh yes, put out a saucer of beer and a few will crawl into it and die, or they say that lining up that salt that sheep love to lick can create an inpenetrable boundary for slugs, though it might trouble your plants. It’s spring and I’m making plans and planting seeds, and I remembered a list I jotted down last year from some newspaper article somewhere. The lists of flowers are so beautiful.

Brown slugs love:

  • stemorsblomst – violets
  • tagetes – marigolds
  • l¯vetann – dandelions
  • hvite margeritter – daisies
  • asters – aster
  • lupiner – lupins
  • jordbÊr – strawberries
  • salat – lettuce
  • kÂl – cabbage

and they hate

  • roser – roses
  • fuksia – fuchsia
  • begonia – begonia
  • blomkarse – nasturtiums
  • l¯vemunn – snapdragon
  • rhodedendron
  • valmuer – poppies
  • And from personal experience, I’ll add lavendar, rosemary, peppermint and other strong flavours

I won’t plant those marigold seeds, then. And no daisies this year. With luck, they’ll eat the dandelions. I already have roses and rhodedendron and I’ve planted nasturtiums and poppies. Might get some snapdragons too. Just the name is reason enough.

The beer works. I put a little out last night and this morning there must have been 40 little half-grown brown slugs lying dead drunk (literally) around the saucer. Of course there are still hundreds and hundreds left.

23. April 2006 by Jill

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