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Hey, a while back, Axel Bruns and Joanne asked me if I’d like to contribute an article about using blogs in research to a book they were hoping to put together. The book’s a goer, and will be published by Peter Lang. It’s to be called The Uses of Blogs and has a lot of interesting contributors. Many are Aussies, which I like. So now I get to write the article – yay!

This spring I think I’ve been learning that when I don’t make room for research and writing in my schedule the other bits of the job lose their lustre for me. It’s not as simple as “If I can’t do research during office hours I might as well have any other job and write for a hobby”, it’s when I think and read and write I breathe in my job, that’s how I refind my passion for all this, the point of it.

Blogging’s part of that, for me.

I hadn’t realised that. It makes me welcome another deadline for an article I really want to write, because without that deadline it’s so so so easy to postpone research and end up doing nothing but teaching and admin because there the deadlines are so clearcut and immediate.

15. March 2005 by Jill

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