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How to hack gender stereotyping and let girls and boys just be kids

Children are constantly exposed to gender stereotypes, but as a parent, I would like to minimize that influence and allow them to stay as open as possible about what sort of person they would like to be. There are ways to … Continue reading

25. November 2012 by Jill
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Do we WANT to be able to predict an election result?

So what does it do to democracy if we can predict the results of an election with 100% accuracy? Nate Silver’s predictions at the NY Times’ election poll blog correctly called the results of 50 out of 50 states in this … Continue reading

07. November 2012 by Jill
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Visual histories of genre

Jesper Juul has become interested in visualisations of genre histories, and in a blog post yesterday he both showed the above visualisation of the history of film genres, based on 2000 US films, and linked to his own article on … Continue reading

03. November 2012 by Jill
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Roberto Simanowski on the Facebook timeline as a “diary”

Roberto Simanowski is giving the second keynote at Remediating the Social. It is titled The Compelling Charm of Numbers: Writing for and Thru the Network of Data, and you can read the full paper in the PDF of the proceedings … Continue reading

02. November 2012 by Jill
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Programming for fun, together! Nick Montfort’s keynote at Remediating the Social

[VIdeo of the conference is also available at] Remediation of the Social is the international conference that is the highlight of the ELMCIP project, and we’re excited to be here! We not only brought the whole Electronic Literature Research Group … Continue reading

01. November 2012 by Jill
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