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straight from the horse’s mouth

One of the things I love about blogging is that it combines immediate publication with the archive – and that the people who are directly involved in something discussed on a blog will very often show up and add their … Continue reading

29. July 2008 by Jill
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have you ever heard a norwegian blogger call their blog a “vlogg”?

Good heavens – apparently high school Norwegian textbooks say that Norwegian bloggers often call a blog a “vlogg”. No, nothing to do with video logs, this is supposed to be a short form of “vevlogg”, which would be an optimistic … Continue reading

27. July 2008 by Jill

meet the truants

Meet The Truants. A guild of academics who are also trolls, taurens and orcs – and who wrote the articles in Digital Culture, Play and Identity: A World of Warcraft Reader.

23. July 2008 by Jill

do you want your online bookshop to have shelves? takes the hundred thousand or so best-selling books off and presents them so you can browse through them on as you would in a physical bookshop. It’s kind of fun zooming in and out – and I enjoyed … Continue reading

14. July 2008 by Jill
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inside WoW Insider

There’s a great interview with Jessica Langer, one of the contributors to our research guild’s book Digital Culture, Play and Identity: A World of Warcraft Reader, in WoW Insider, where Jessica explains a bit about how the guild works and … Continue reading

10. July 2008 by Jill
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bibliography of scholarly work on RPGs

Michael Abbott, of The Brainy Gamer, is preparing to teach a course on RPGs and has posted a wonderfully comprehensive bibliography of books and journal articles that are related to online and offline role-playing games – everything from Lord of … Continue reading

08. July 2008 by Jill
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writing the same thing twice

I remember when I was writing my PhD dissertation some days I’d be thrilled because I’d written a new section so EASILY – and then later I’d realise I’d written almost exactly the same thing months earlier. At first I … Continue reading

07. July 2008 by Jill

where to find creative commons images

A colleague asked me how to find Creative Commons images. The best and easiest source is Flickr, where you can now find several million images using each of the different kinds of Creative Commons licence. To search within these images, … Continue reading

04. July 2008 by Jill
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in which i have a go at being a pumping mum

In some bizarre wave of enthusiasm I thought it would be a great idea to extend our already generous 54 weeks of parental leave by working for a few weeks this summer while Scott took care of Jessica. Poor Scott; … Continue reading

03. July 2008 by Jill

a work of electronic literature for each web 2.0 tool

Mark Merino over at Writer Response Theory posts a fabulous table matching up a work of electronic literature to each popular web 2.0 tool. I’ve stolen the whole thing, it’s so useful – I hope Mark doesn’t mind (yell at … Continue reading

02. July 2008 by Jill

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