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New Year’s kisses

In an hour’s time, at midnight, just as the fireworks light up the sky, a woman in the crowd on the bank of the Yarra will lean to her lover to kiss him. His lips will brush her cheek not … Continue reading

31. December 2003 by Jill

almanac alert!

Tee hee. Thankfully, “The FBI noted that use of almanacs or maps may be innocent, ‘the product of legitimate recreational or commercial activities.’” April Fools Day just isn’t going to be as funny this year… (I saw this at Eirik’s … Continue reading

30. December 2003 by Jill

participation novels

I started reading Vernor Vinge’s 1981 novella True Names because it’s arguably one of the earliest cyberpunk stories, though it’s written before cyberpunk was an acknowledged genre. It turns out the protagonist is not only a “warlock” in the computer … Continue reading

30. December 2003 by Jill


A new surge of spam hit my comment fields in the last few days, so I updated my blogging software and the anti-spam plugin and the blacklists and, as suggested, my personal blacklist is now automatically published as I add … Continue reading

30. December 2003 by Jill


I took the kids to the woods and they sailed to New Zealand in a boat the uninitiated might have thought a fallen tree. There were pirate islands, sharks, ghosts, storms and stick-swords on the way and by the time … Continue reading

29. December 2003 by Jill
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The living web is fluid. Accept that things may be different tomorrow. I’m happy for individual bloggers to edit or delete posts from their blogs, or for journalists to update an article in a newspaper throughout the day as new … Continue reading

28. December 2003 by Jill

merry christmas!

My family’s pretending that tomorrow is Christmas Day so that we can gather the absolute maximum of family for our Christmas dinner. So today people are arriving and tomorrow there’ll be children ripping open presents at dawn and turkey for … Continue reading

25. December 2003 by Jill
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network politics

Next time I enter the United States of America my face will be biometrically measured and my fingerprints scanned and stored by American intelligence. Think about that: that’s information my own government doesn’t have about me. It’s information I don’t … Continue reading

24. December 2003 by Jill

presidential campaign games

Last week Steven Johnson wondered why there are no videogames that simulate the 2004 US presidential campaigns. The idea must have been floating around the zeitgeist, because Howard Dean’s campaign has actually commissioned a game, just released today I think, … Continue reading

23. December 2003 by Jill

for future reference

Searching for something completely different, I found David Weinberger’s post of guesses of how we’ll blog when blogs are really popular. Also to be tucked away for future use, is the comparison of the nanoaudiences of blogs to the audience … Continue reading

23. December 2003 by Jill
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