One of my guildmates, Charlotte Hagström, is researching naming in World of Warcraft. If you play World of Warcraft, it’d be great if you’d help her out – this is from her website:

Names in World of Warcraft: Informants needed!
I am working on an article about names and naming in World of Warcraft. I am interested in all aspects of this topic and need your help. How did you come up with the name(s) of your character(s)? Are there any particular reasons for your choice? Did you for example choose a name you found especially suitable for the characterís race or class? Or is it somehow connected to your own name, your interests or to popular culture, literature, sport, music? Is it a ìrealî name or a name you have invented yourself? Does the name mean anything? What do you think about other playersí names for their characters? About guild-names and NPC-names? Are names essential to your experience of the game?

If you want to share your thoughts on this, please contact me either by e-mailing or by writing to Charlotte Hagstrˆm, Dept. of European Ethnology, Finngatan 8, S-223 62 Lund, Sweden.

You can be anonymous but I would appreciate to know your age, gender and nationality. I will not write the name(s) of your character(s) unless you permit me to do so.

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  1. Iain McDonald

    Well… there’s a bit of backstory to all of mine.
    I play Dungeons and Dragons and there’s this guy who I played alongside for a while. He was the warrior and I was the war-crazy cleric thirsting for blood. Needless to say, he and I got along well. That Warrior’s name was Zar.
    So impressed was I with Zar that when I got WoW, I decided to honour his memory by using the word “zar” in every one of my names. My first character was a gnome mage… so I named him “Mechazar”.

    After that, it stuck. Now I use “zar” and coin it with a word that sorta shows what character I’m playing.
    Undead mage: Zarmortis.
    Gnome warrior: Zarmitar (scimitar)
    Human cleric: Zaraph (seraph)
    Human paladin: Cahtrozar (also honours another WoW player called “Orthac”)

    And that’s how I plan to do all my characters from now on.

  2. Helge Nes¯en

    I have played roleplaying games from way back, and i want real names for all my characters.
    Many people like to call themselves “Dahealah” “Pieceoffass”, but thats not for me.
    My characters are called Zergashz, undead warlock with his jaw missing, he cant pronouce properly.
    Targus, Tauren hunter, no reason for the name except i thought it sounded like a tauren name. Pets name is Adolph, after an old deceased cat.
    Grimgash, orc warrior, chosen because i thought is sounded like a orc name.
    Krumpelspiff, gnome rogue, named after a cleric i played in Everquest. Name was chosen because i thought it was a good gnome name. Name is inspired by Spaceman Spiff i guess.

    Old Everquest names includes Shaniallon (human female bard, Shania on telly when i made the character), Scarabas (Dwarf rogue, wanted a mix of Scar and Barabas, turned out everyone called me Scarab), Serwyn (darkelf wizard, thought it was a cool name), Sephern (iksar monk) etc etc

  3. Charlotte Hagstrˆm

    I’m really happy people are willing to share the stories behind their character’s names. So many names, so many stories and so interesting and fascinating ideas, opinions and thoughts! For me this project is getting more and more interesting by every day 🙂

  4. Smertrios

    am of Irish heritage, and with the recent Gaelic (mostly Scottish) movies in the past year – (eg. Braveheart). It made me curious as to any similar legends in Ireland.
    What I found was an entire theology for that culture – similar to any Nordic/Greco-Roman beliefs at the time.
    The subject that I found most interesting was their god of War, Smertrios.
    Albeit, he was in similar legends along with Brian Boru, and the more (or lesser 🙂 ) – known heros of their people.
    Anyway – I’ve been playing for a year – I put what energy one can when its a hobby 🙂
    I suppose I’m trying to say that in exploring the name of a simple character, I learned a lot about the rich heritage of my people.

    Hope this benefited

  5. Paoolah

    My huntress’ name is the Hawaiian pronunciation of my real name, Paula. I love Hawaii and anything to do with it. There truly is something in the air, and in the energy of that place that I can sense in every cell of my body…the air is different…it is my home. So while I am away, I honor it in Azeroth with my toon’s name- and I remember.
    My pet, a Jaguero Stalker from Stanglethorn Vale, is named Kali – the Hindu Goddess of Destruction (it has nothing to do with the dog breed of the collie)

    Aloha (“What is mine, is yours. Welcome.”)

    Lady Paoolah of the Triple Helm

  6. Exidus

    i have only been playing WoW for a relatively short period. after first purchasing the game i found it hard to come up with a name that either meant something to me or just sounded cool. i name my human rogue Exidus merely because it sounded cool. i then made a dwarf hunter named crispyn again because it sounded cool. i then named a priest called Lyst because it suited the elf race.

    loads a love to ya and good luck with the project

  7. Haemon

    I chose Haemon as my Tauren Warrior from the old greek play, Antigone. Haemon was the son of the king who decided to persecute Haemon wife to be to death because she dared to honor her dead brothers body after he attacked his home town and died. Haemon’s father King Creon never listens to anybody, esepcially his son until its too late.

    Needless to say, I felt the same way about my dad who never listens or trusts my opinion until its too late, hence I chose the name.

  8. Joe Lang

    Currently, I have two characters. One, a level 41 Night Elf Warrior, is named
    Lindir. This is an elvish (Tolkien) derivative of Legolas. (I had initially
    chosen Maehdras, another derivative of Legolas, but it was taken. I recently
    ran into the character Maehdras in the game. After speaking to him, I dis-
    covered our approaches were similar in making our choices.

    The other, a level 8 Night Elf Druid, is named Belasius after the tutor that
    Merlin had while living with his father in Brittany in the Mary Stewart novel
    “The Crystal Cave”. Belasius was the high priest of a secret Druid sect in
    the novel, so seemed a natural choice.

  9. Graham

    I’ll be getting WoW soon, but while i was playing games like D2:LOD, i would, like Mr. Joe Lang, think of Tolkien-significant names, because i’ve read up on much of the lore in Tolkien, but more because the names just sound so damn cool and so right for any medieval MMORPG!! Greek mythological names would be used, too, for that same reason.

    anyway, the first class i can’t wait to try out is the warlock. Because the warlock uses dark powers and all, the possible names i’ve thought of all have evil/dark connotations in Tolkien’s universe.


    Melkor – Sauron’s original Master, Lord of Darkness. Is Tolkien’s equivalent of a common Satanic enemy. This guy has done some pretty nasty sh*t if you read abt it.
    Kham?l – real name of the second in command of the Ringwraiths! Cool, huh?
    Mandos – Tolkien’s Lord of Doom/Death, rules the underworld
    CurunÌr – Saruman’s real name in the language of the Gods and Demigods (Valar/Maiar). Means ‘man of skill’.
    Damaskenos – greek. “from Damascus.”

    For Warriors and Paladins, i’d use elvish names, cos they kinda sound… holy. lol. and some melodic sounding greek names too.


    Imrahil – Half Elvish, Half Dunedain warrior-prince. (the dunedain is one of aragorn’s race, royal-blooded men with 3 times the normal lifespan of humans)
    Andraemon – greek. can’t rmb what it means.
    Hephaestus – greek myth name of a god of the crafts.
    Enceladus – greek myth name of a giant

    As for other classes, i think i’ll think about it when i actually get the game! I’m also wondering whether WoW makes allowances for accents on letters, like ? and Ì in Kham?l and CurunÌr… anyone tried/know how to do it?

  10. Graham Lim

    okay sorry i read your request again, and realized i missed out on some things you specifically needed; i suppose in addition to names just merely sounding cool;

    most of the time, i’d try to see if i can name my characters names which have a deeper significance in the literary world, since i love literature, hence all that Tolkien;

    But to elaborate on why exactly i find these Tolkien-ish names sounding so cool, the most obvious reason would be that they are melodic, what with Elvish having been based on Scandinavian languages. look at how nice elvish names like imrahil, moriquendi, peranniath and celeborn sound, for example.

    as for names in the language of Orc-speak, or Elvish names which refer to evil identities, they are intentionally meant to sound more stressful, with heavier sounding syllabes like Kha-m?l, Mel-kor, Naz-g?l, emphasizing the forceful evil of such characters, enhancing the demonic connotations of characters like the warlock, perhaps.

    the use of more than two syllabes also seems to make the name sound more melodious, for example, compare how these names sound like in your mind: A-zog to Aragorn, Grishnakh to Galadriel. Melodious sounding names make me feel that such names denote ‘good-guys’, so for holy warriors like the Paladin, Priests and the like, i’d name them such.

    Another thing about these names is that I try to make sure that they’re names most people probably wouldn’t use, simply because are less likely to know about them, unless they read Tolkien’s more mythologically defining works like the Silmarillion and all. The Lord of the Rings may be the second most read book in the world, but it still takes some effort for one to read everything there is in Tolkien’s extended universe.

    In doing so, I insure myself some uniqueness and distinguishablity in the game, and hopefully mitigate the risk of “another character with that name is already in use”. But perhaps most importantly, all that will make me feel my character is ‘special’, and hence more memorable to me, and also to others, who will be able to remember me better just on the mere, superficial level of name, alone. that might help in party formation/trade, assuming i become a good player, too!

    hope that helps your friend, jill! =)

  11. Chad

    How did you come up with the name(s) of your character(s)?
    In the WoW manual and gaming guide, they describe the character you design and play through as your “avatar”. Using this, I developed a naming system that’s been rewarding for me, as well as challenging to develop more characters that I can identitfy with (More on that later…) My characters, in order of development:

    Urthona, male Night Elf druid
    Jhuuno, female Troll hunter
    Odn, male Dwarf paladin
    Malchiel, male Undead priest
    Marrigan, female Human warlock
    Luvah, male Tauren shaman

    Are there any particular reasons for your choice?
    I’ve reversed the “avatar” association and named my characters for deities. Spelling is more in line with racial consistencies but overall, the naming makes the characters more substantial to me, not so cute or independant. I’m taking from older fantasy and putting the names and stroies into a new fantastic context. I am now the controller of the “gods”.

    Did you for example choose a name you found especially suitable for the characterís race or class?
    For example, Jhuuno is named for Juno, queen of her Roman pantheon. As a hunter, she leads her subjects into battle. I’ve named her pets accordingly. Her carrion bird is Iris, and her hyena is Argus. Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and Hera/Juno’s messenger. Argus was a 1000-eyed monster and Hera/Juno’s personal bodyguard.

    Urthona is the name of the mysterious Zoa of the Imagination, from William Blake’s The Four Zoas, an 18th century epic that parrellels the work of psychologist Carl Jung with poetry and pictures. My Urthona is in tune with the dreamworlds of druidic slumber. Shapeshifting is also appropriate as anyone with knowledge of “The Sword and The Stone” will tell you. You must imagine yourself in other forms to learn and grow and a person.

    Marrigan is a combination of Morrigan, Celtic goddess of evil, as well as Mary, the Catholic superstar. Combining the two is appropriate to my character’s in-game “story”. She uses the powers of Evil to satisfy her own goals, as well as her aching drive to do Good. (Flashback: she dropped out of Paladin school.)

    Odn was such a short name I had to snatch it up. A “dwarvish” derivation of Odin, Norse god of war, wisdom, and magic, Odn is a paladin that I don’t play that often … Likewise with Oghun, named for the Yoruba god of blacksmithing and war. I just ddon’t feel comfortable playing them … yet.

    Lastly, Malchiel, named for not for a divinity, but an angel in one of the Hosts of the Judeo-Christian God. The names of Undead characters reflect the names of their previous lives as humans of Lordaeron, and share that context. I bridged the gap by using a name that sounded obscure, but in step with a “human” name, but potentially creepy enough to be worn by an Undead priest.

    What do you think about other playersí names for their characters?
    I applaud a great deal of creativity thart goes into choosing a Warcraft psuedonym. Some are ingenious, and have strange origins. A druid friend of mine chose “Essaedryn”, which seems absolutely appropriate for a Night Elf female. In reality: it is a derivation of “Excedrin”. I prefer the names that do seem appropriate, and try to fit the lore; I’m not sure that mine do…

    Are names essential to your experience of the game?
    Oddly enough, they are. I tried rolling a female Dwarf character, as they are the least played combination in WoW, but I couldn’t find a name I liked. I need a name that has mythological origins, and then is comfortably in context with that characcters race, gender, and culture. I found nothing I liked, as I couldn’t “call myself” by the names I tried… I eventually dropped and deleted the character.

  12. Cassandra Fletcher

    I have a 60 priest called Minoin. I have a tendency to take a word that I like, lets take Minion for example, and twist it. It all started back when I played EverQuest. I had a very attractive dark elf cleric, and wanted the name to be powerful. Everquest has surnames, whereas WoW does not, so I cannot share my excitement of my creation…but came to the conclusion that for a dark elf, the name Minoin De`Vol was very appropriate. Also triggering the idea of “Minion and Devil”. I was not pleased at the selection of characters, wanting my priest to be under the evil side, however, went with the night elf because of their beauty. Minoin De`’Vol, after all, is a very beautiful creature and would not want to shame her character since she has been in the company of my imagination for years. For another example, I recently came up with a character name called Qivatlekaa. based of the of name Valkerai, while I was thinking of Cirque De Soleil’s Varukai. Imagination is the key to having a great time.

  13. Nohchethad

    when i heard of WoW and that you can choose youre own name i started thinking about one. Mine main character is Nohchethad. thougt it was something from a movie (or startrek or something) and started using it when something funny or weird happend. It sounds a lot like “notice that”
    Nohche is a gnome warlock. i chose this “dude” at the time because there where not a lot of gnomes and warlocks around.

    i also have a character named dardallion. he is named after a character in a book from robin hobb.
    he is a rogue. he fits the description from the book.

    In the game you see a lot of names. Its obvious that the name and the race are bound together.
    Like Polmor is more a dwarf name than a elfisch one. its the sounds that you get with the word.
    This has a lot to do with the movie Lord of the rings and all other movies/books that are out there.
    sometimes, ingame, its possible to know wich race/class a player is because of his name.

    With this game its possible to get the name and be someone else, to be a hero.
    finally you can choose the name you like,

    i live in the netherlands and im 24 years old and like to hear from you.

  14. Nohchethad

    Well Blizzard has not implemented a name generator but they have been nice enough to give some tips on naming your toons. Katricia posted the following on the subject.

    There are currently no plans to create a ìRandom Name Generator.î Creating your own name is part of the fun for any MMORPG. Get creative!

    Tips for creating a good MMORPG name:

    Take a real world name and modify it. For example: Katricia is simply Patricia with a K instead of a P. (Thousands of real world names can be found in baby books.)

    Take two words and put them together, sometimes modifying the spelling or using another variation can make it appear more name like. For example: Using Forest and Wolf, a good Orc or Troll name might become: Wodworg.

    Keeping your chosen characterís race and class in mind, you can use words that identify them to make a name. For example: A Night Elf Rogue name could be: Shadow blade

    Creating a good character name can really be a lot of fun

  15. Orly?

    I named my first character on world of warcraft after a monkey on the planet of the apes, Zaius.. I think it sounds cool, but most ppl can¥t pronounce it 🙂 I named a rogue after a rogue-character in Baldurs Gate called Imoen. My first character in Baldurs Gate was called Sir John Ironclaw.. thought it sounded perfect for a warrior, thus he was also Lawful good on the game. one of my gnomes on WoW is called Lemming, from the great game Lemmings. I have a dwarf hunter called Olaf, who is the fattest and clumsiest one in the game Lost Vikings.

    I also created an undead Priest, whose name I figured should be Kerrigan, from Star craft..

    So.. As you can see here, there are LOTS of great names to be found in old good games =)

    Have a good day

  16. iminefishes

    Well…I began my WoW experience with characters who bore fantasy names. I borrowed either from dragonlance or rpgs that I had liked. After some time in the WoW universe, however, my criteria for names changed. To cut a long story short I have recently come to favor such names as iminefishes, frostitute (an ice spec’d mage), ambulance (priest) and Udderdeath (tauren warrior).

  17. Micheal Whitmore

    I take alot of time to chose my character names, because they mean much to me when the character is high of lvl.

    My main character’s name is Magnon. I took the word Magma and modified it. He is a male Tauren Shaman, so I thought of something which sounded like one of the elements.

    My second character name is Centano. He is a male Tauren Druid, so I modified the name of Cenarion. I like to take such names and them modify them so they fit.

    The last character I have is a female Orc Rogue who I named Ar·ryna. That was just something which fell into my mind, and I though that it sounded like something orcish.

    I really enjoy other players names, so keep posting guys 🙂

  18. Marc Snedden

    Personally, I have always loved grabbing obscure (or not so obscure names from video games or other sources, just to see who will recognize them. Some of my characters names have been “Lando (Star Wars)”, “Kerby” (Variation of the video game character Kirby), Dabura (Demon King from Dragon Ball Z), “PloKun” (Star Wars), “Onslaught” (Often mistaken for the word, but actually a Villain from X-Men Comics, and various others. I’ve been racking my brains to come up with a name for my Draenai Shaman, was going to use Piccolo, but that was taken or blocked, and I’ve been having a hard time coming up with a name with enough meaning, yet enough obscurity.
    But my favorite character is “Sauron”. The White Gnome with a white beard, and white mooncloth clothing. I just love how he looks like Gandalf the White, but is actually Sauron the Warlock.

  19. Kat

    My orcette is called Zola, after the South Africa runner Zola Budd – you remember the one who bumped Mary Decker off the track in the LA olympics in 1984? hey maybe you don’t, it was a long time ago. The reason is because my orcette seems to like to run everywhere, and she usually has bare feet – remember Zola Budd looked a bit like an orc and used to run without track shoes? Perhaps my imagination…. Also a simple 4 letter name is easier for others to type, my original plan was to use a three letter name, but its tricky to get a good feminine sounding 3 letter name. Apart from Kat.

  20. Charlotte Hagstrˆm

    Thanks all of you who have answered! Lots of interesting stories and fascinating names here! Since I started with this I often suddenly find my character is almost dying because I don’t concentrate on what she’s doing. While she fights for her life I am staring at other characters name, thinking of what the stories behind them might be… And Zola Budd – I haven’t thaught of her for ages but yes, I sure remember her and her bare feet!

  21. Zathr

    Names mean so much to me when I play warcraft, or any game where I choose the name myself. I’ve been known to delete and reroll characters due to me not being 100% satisfied with the name, which may sound a little obsessive, not going to deny that.

    I take a lot of care and time into selecting my character names, theres only two that I’ve ever fully loved with my characters. One of my Undead Rogues was called ‘Tarkh’ (pronounced: tark). This was a play from ‘Medivh’ from the Warcraft series and ‘Tarkin’ from Star Wars. I like the hard ‘h’ sound. My second is for a Tauren Shaman known as ‘Riimahk’ (pronounced: Reemark OR Rymark). A very powerful and strong name that I thought fitted. It’s not 100% mine, I twisted it off an old MUD I used to play and inserted my favoured ‘h’.

  22. nefee

    I have some nice chars names …

    realisitic names i use …

    Nefee – undead female warlock … ‘ nef sounds like egyptian nephititi ‘

    Korin – human female warrior … ‘ korin the barbarian hehe ‘

    Kiora – troll female rogue … ‘ sounds like tropical jungle name ‘

    Relith – undead female priest … ‘ sounds like relic ‘

    Lothwen – night elf female hunter … ‘ very elven hehe ‘

    Althea – human female paladin … ‘ sounded angelic and holy ‘

    fun names i use …

    Dismal – undead female rogue … ‘ gloomy undead name ‘

    Pixy – gnome female mage … ‘ there small and look like pixys lol ‘

  23. Sixclaw

    Naming your characters is the best part I think. Maybe not for anyone else, but I find it really enjoyable. I get an urge to create a new character with a cool name with a story behind it.

    I always try and make the name fit in with their language, accent, personality kind of thing. Here’s some of mine.

    Sixclaw – Female Human Rogue (I’ll admit its not one of my best. It was a old character from a story of mine. With a mutated hand.)

    Verya – Female Night Elf Hunter – (It means Bold in Elvish)

    Owani – Male Tauren Hunter. (No Idea about this one, it just sounded kind of shamanistic which doesn’t really have any relation to a hunter either.)

    Lugnasadh – Female Undead Warlock (The Pagan Festival. She was a pagan before being painfully tortured with her eyes ripped out and binded with straps, now she turns to the more evil warlock side of afterlife)

    Nshnaragk – Female Orc warrior – (Just sounded Orcish. It does not mean anything just of the top of my head)

    Lilreaper – Female Gnome Mage – (Just for fun :p Because Gnomes are smelly and dont deserve a good name :p:P:P)

    Winanna – Female Human Warlock (Was meant to be Win-Anna. No reasons behind this, just sounded pretty.)

    Swahilli – Female Troll Hunter. (I love trolls. Thought this would be a slightly funny name )

    Tolandri – Female Night Elf Hunter (I love this name its so pretty! I just made it up 😀 )

    For Dwarves I would look into Norse names. For Trolls you need to think carefully because there a mix between some African names and some other language (Zan + Hai + Miao etc etc)

    For Undead, I would some times look up Tolkiens Elvish Language for help as with night elves. Orcs seem to have names that sound…like the word Orc 😛 or something that sounds threatening, like a weapon.

  24. Garrett

    i like coming up with a regular name then just sticking something to the end of it ex. sheo the mighty. this adds personilazation and less of a chance thta it will already be taken

  25. tinytroll

    My Tauren Shaman Holyheifer was named in a fit of silliness. When it came time for an alt, I decided to put a little more thought into it. I chose an Orc Hunter, and I wanted the end product to look like the old grizzled man with his trusted pet. So, I wanted an OLd mAN OrC. Olanoc was born. My Troll Priestess Xonirin has a traditional name that is incorporated somewhere in every game that I play, in honor of my wife’s favorite D&D character. Jindarr, the Troll Warrior, was named by my wife. While she watched me play she noticed the word “jin” kept appearing everywhere near Troll settlements, so she used it and made something that sounded cool. Finally, Ahayu is a Tauren Druid that was named by searching Native American websitea for real names and modifying “Ahanu” by one letter.

  26. Dominic

    I just got WoW and am currently installing, and I was thinking about a name for my character. He’s going to be a troll, so I thought it would be best to use Blizzard’s trollish phonemes which I remember from playing Warcraft 2 (Gul-, Zul-, -Dan, etc.). So I had a flash about this company that manufactures cymbals from drums called Zildjian: perfect fit! A sound choice both for the continuity of the Warcraft naming convention and a funny reference. The only bad thing is that it’s probably already used, so I’ll have to find another one….I’ll try to go for a play on words with one of the “trollish” syllables. How does “Guldurak” sound? 😀

  27. Brendan

    When I named my characters, I took words that I thought best described the kind of character it was. For instance my warlock’s name was mourne. My paladin’s name is actually treachery. Although I wanted to use this name for a rogue, I really liked it and decided to use it for my paladin because that was the class that I wanted to play. It turned out to be cool because in a way its ironic to the nature of a paladin, so I like it. My other character is a Tauren Hunter named Coronado. This was my first character, and I picked it because it describes the Tauren Race and it has personal meaning. Tauren’s are like the native americans, and Coronado is a western, “indian” type name. Also, Coronado Ct is the name of the street where my grandparents have a house in Sedona, Arizona. It brings back great memories of going there in the summer so that is why I picked this name. Recently, I have started 2 more characters, a warrior named Decimus and a mage named Arcadius. I picked Decimus because it to me, sounds like a warriors name, and is after Maximus Decimus Aurelius from Gladiator which is one of my favorite movies. The mage’s name comes from Arcadius, once an emperor of Rome. I also picked both of these names because right now I am living in Rome Italy and being so close to things like the Colloseum and The Ancient Roman Forum bring real meaning to these names.

  28. Kristian

    I names my Human Warrior after the legend Achilles….. The great warrior I figured it would make a great name for a warrior……..

  29. Damien

    I, like most people here, named my characters after D&D or Tolkien characters.
    My first character was named Maldin, a human mage. When I first got into D&D my friends and I used the Greyhawk setting, and on the internet was a little site called “Maldins Greyhawk”. We go a lot of cool background info from there. And everytime I was the DM I always incorporated a wise mage with the name of Maldin, it kinda just stuck.
    And my next character was named after Gandalf from LoTR. He was a human warlock named Mithrandir.

  30. Nate

    If you want to find a good name… you can look in a book (eg.) my WoW name is from the book Eragon… One of the names in that book is Galbatorix… and that was unavailable so i named my tauren Batorix and thats the name i will stick with till im lvl 60!:)

  31. Shattered

    I tend to be melodramatic when naming my toons (I am an RP’er at heart… but on PvP servers, so not much thought other then what sounds cool)
    Shattered (60-Dwarf-Paladin) *2nd Pally*
    Salvation (60-Human-Paladin) *1st Pally*
    Dietoten (19-UD-Warlock) *twink* German for “The Dead” but hated people calling me diet…
    Vengeful (43-Tauren Shaman)
    Avenge (17-Human-Warlock) active toon I am playing right now
    Destructing (40-Orc-Warrior)

  32. Shattered

    footnote… I have deleted characters and restarted them up to lvl 47 because i couldn’t stand the name, and or a certain feature…

    and last of all my favorite name…

    Azazl- taken from a name for the god of the goat demons in hell (lvl 47 warlock)

  33. Titus Brutus

    When i got WoW i already had my name figured out. it was going to be Titus Brutus, but i learned quickly that you couldn’t have spaces in names. So i made Titusbrutus, my undead priest lvl 25, and ive stuck with himfor about 5 months now. i also have,

    Mooninites- Male Troll Rogue lvl 18, i got this from halo in which i was always the alien with the sword ad assassinated people, but before i assassinated them i only say hop….hop….hop… and so on, and i would hop up and down. So when Mooninites, who is a twink, is about to assassinate anyone i hop up and down

    Huataurs- Male Tauren Druid lvl 11, i dont really know why i made him, but i love druids

    Titusbrutus- Male undead Priest lvl 25, you know bout him



    Anubite- from Age of Mthology, they were speedy Jackel headed monsters that looked like assassins


    Palias- comes from Pallas Athena
    Croatius- sounds like a Draeni warrior to me
    Staghorn- a male tauren
    Patroclaus- good for a male warrior i guess, Achilles cousin according to troy


    Tiberius- the river
    Illyraid- i already have this name on Blackwing Lair, but il in ancient armenian to or towards and lyraid in siberian which is now rusian means hunt soo it means to hunt


    Runehoof- good for Tauren
    Minos- sounds kinda warriorish but i could work for a shaman- TAURE ONLY


    Sunwell – ???

    i dont really play alliance sorry


    Feathermoon- just get it from the one spell that makes u float
    Arthas- sounds like a pyro
    Snowfire- it kind of sounds like pyro/freeze


    Durza- from eragon, sorceror from hell
    Sauroman- lord of the rings
    Sedious- from star wars

    Whisperwind- ???

    PREIST 🙂

    i dont really know any for priest but priests are amazing

    you can find Titusbrutus on Blackwing Lair realm
    you can find Mooninites on Shadowmoon realm

  34. Unknown

    I’ve recently started playing World of Warcraft and my first character ia a human warrior named Cojones. Cojones is spanish for balls. I thought it fitting for a warrior. I mean, who has more balls than a warrior?

  35. adam wright

    funny story behind my characters. basically i chose somthing specific between my race or class i was usuing
    e.g humanmagex (mage)
    silverwarx (paladin)
    Bonesythe (rogue)
    Battlegearx (warrior) i like to put an x on the end of my names cause it sounds kool 🙂

  36. adam wright

    soz never finished

    orcs are devoted to the horde if you think about it so i name dmy shaman orc Shamanhordex it would work for tauren if you could put all the letters in …

    paldins are protectors of light so i think somthing goldenwar or somthing like that.
    warloks is a bit imaginative somthin like Dreadmist or shadowlord would be good
    hunters are a bit hard in my opinion cause they are so different to any other class in warcraft.
    i would put somthin like gunman, snipershot or for hunters cause they use hevy ranged wepons.

    pets of hunters names depend on what you have.

    here some examples

    wolf :bloodhound

    raptor: rex

    cat: (tigers eg) bloodfang works for them aswell

    stripes (bit childish i know 🙁 )

    gator (Sharptooth) and anything like that

    priests and the hardest of all… it really depend son what type of priest u plan to be

    shadow: shadowlord works for this aswell

    all i can think of for shadow

    holy : lighthope
    all i can think of for holy!! lol

    and thats it i think hope u find em usefull soz about length of this + i put 2 comment if u want

  37. Vincent

    Here are my rules when I creating a character’s name (some rules are overlapping):

    – It has to be a legit name to the race (each race has some taste to it, so ofcause before I create names I try to figure out the taste of that race)
    – It has to be short, easy to remember and preferably an actual English name/word. Cool but extreme long name are hard to remember for every of my friends, and it causes their trouble to type in my name in chat.
    – It can’t be too common. Well known Greek Gods’ names, for example, are no-nos. Less well known character names are ok.
    – It can be combined words. For instance, I avoid name like Moonsilver.
    – If I have seen/heard someone else has used the name, I avoid it.
    – The word has to have a meaning behind it (or it’s a fictional character), which should also relate well to the character I’m creating, such as the new character’s class, race and/or playstyle.
    – I try to avoid game generated names.
    – The name has to at least not be intrusive to the game world’s background. Names like Microsoft or Bighammer69 are no-nos. (Don’t laugh!)

    So ya, it averagely takes me 2 hour to come up with a decent name.

  38. Vincent


    – It _can’t_ be combined words. For instance, I avoid name like Moonsilver.

  39. spot

    Hi i been playing for long time now and personally i believe my name is the most unigue and leetest name of the all they are

    Human Warrior- Fearless
    Human- Rogue- Killing ninja
    and a gnome named billbo

    What u rekon vimaginative

  40. spot

    or maybe killingspree
    or killking
    or bloodfight or killjoy or ilovetokill or bloodthurst or even bloodlust
    Original ?

  41. Jamie

    What I did to name my hunter was to type out a list of words relevant to the class and then put them together. e.g. Swift
    Leaf From this I got the name ‘Swiftarrow’

    I was desperately trying to find an easy, but effective way to name a
    character and this ultimately turned out ot be the best method.

    Hope this helped 🙂

  42. Zar'roc

    As I surmise many others do alongside me, I draw my names from other fantasy sources around me that hold my interests. For example, my first character is a night elf rogue named Zarroc. Its proper spelling would have been Zar’roc if the game allowed apostrophe’s as a valid letter to use, and it’s derived from the book Eragon and its sequel. The main character inherits a sword named Zar’roc, which is a word in the ancient language in which words of magic are spoken that translates to ‘misery’. The elves in this book speak the ancient language as their native tongue, and I felt it apt to name a night elf in this game a word that is elvish in origin from a source of fantasy out there.

    Another of my characters is an undead warlock named Saffr¯n (the spelling Saffron was taken so I used the latin ¯ character as an alternate “O”). The name is nothing more complex than inspired by the name of one of Cradle of Filth’s songs, “Curse of Saffron”. I felt that an undead character in this game ought to have his name’s roots come from a death metal band.

    Vyyk is a Paladin of mine, named after an alias Han Solo once used in a Star Wars book; Vyyk Draygo. Vyyk to me is a pretty human sounding name, pronounced “Vick”, or one might even consider it a derivative of “Victor”.

    Others of mine are;

    Breethagh – Troll Shaman (While making this one I was watching Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers when the orcs are running with the captured Merry and Pippin one of the orcs stops and declares “We ain’t goin’ any further until we get a breethagh!” It’s my guess of how to spell the accented way he pronounced the word “breather”.)

    Boozegut – Dwarven Rogue. Dwarves love alcohol, and typically seem to be named things that include a noun of external influence to the dwarves connected to another noun that would tie it in to themselves somehow (i.e Frostbeard, Sharpaxe, etc.). In other words, their names typically seem to serve as a verb that describes a quality of theirs. I felt it fitting to follow that format.

    Luse – Night Elf rogue. A homage of mine to a comic called Poison Elves. The elves look just like the elves in this comic and the main character is named Lusiphur. Sometimes Luse for short, and Lusiphur was already taken on my server.

    As for what I think about other players and their choices of names, I know for myself I find it easier to immerse myself in the ambient spirit of the game’s atmosphere to choose names for myself that seem to fit the fantasy genre that the game reflects. Other people seem to pick less creative ones that use internet or common MMORPG terms, like “Supertank”, “LOLWTFBBQ”, “NoobBasher”, or what have you. I think the choice in their own character or even guild name might reflect what they seek to get out of their gaming experience. Are they there to immerse themselves in a fictional world, or do they view it as just getting on some game for a few hours to piss away some time and goof off a bit? Both are good reasons to play a game, but involve different mindsets during gameplay.

  43. shaman

    kk everybody i have a challange for u all. think of a name for an orc shaman because no1 seems to have come up with one yet

  44. Warrior pwn's.

    Tonn just take it, really nice name for an Tauren warrior.

  45. Corey

    Well, i prefer to delve from all of the fantasy kind of stuff. Its just not my cup of tea. I mean yeah they sound cool, but you can make up a million fantasy sounding names that sound cool, but they all seem too serious, not enough pizazz 🙂 For instance, my name in many MMO’s is taken from a certain experience i had as an adolescent. You see, growing up, i had a nice little case of ADHD. You know ,always flying outta my seat, can concentrate on anything. That is, until i found the majesty of competitive video games. Naturally, i am a very competitive person, not necessarily a short tempered person, like when i lose, but extremely energetic when a victory arises 🙂 I believe it was Mechassault, and i was playing over a lan my brother had taken me to, and boom, got a kill. Jumping outta my seat, throwing the hands in the air, cheering as loud as possible. While in retrospect, obviously my brother would have been embarrassed in front of his friends, but hell, i didnt care. The night goes on, i start getting better. BOOM kill. Nice. A rush of euphoria overtakes me and i lose all control. But hell, i can just blame it on the ADHD. So finally my brother gets fed up and says, “Alright guy, thats enough of you spazzin out, im takin you home”. Luckily, home was just a block away. Lol alright, now that i have completely drowned you in my childhood, time to get to business. For the next few days the only thing my brother would call me would be “spazz”.

    You see, for many of my names, this little slice of home seems to find its way into my names. So naturally, that seems to be the main premise for many of my names. “Spaztik”, is a derision of the word spasmodic. With a few moderations to spelling, it becomes a unique and eye catching name that is very appropriate to many of my characters. For instance

    For instance,

    Night Elf Hunter= Spazztik Hunters are agile and quick, therefore, the name would fit, as if
    Hunter would be going “Spaztik”, and unload thousands of arrows at
    once 🙂

    Troll Mage= Spaztik Once again, pretty much same name, but i like for a name to have
    less letters, as it will stick into peoples minds better. I mean,
    whenever i see a long complicated name, i either just pass it up
    or if the person is in my group, i only use the first few letters
    of the name to abbreviate it. As for the troll, trolls are very
    “Spaztik” just in their appearance and mannerisms. But then also
    being a mage, being a caster who can literally jump around nonstop
    and still cast, the name just personifies the character.

    Orc Warlock= Spazz As well as the others, the name just fits for the Orc character,
    as well as the warlock character. Orcs, fang bearing brutes, with
    with a much less understood culture. Warlocks, mentally unstable
    masters of the Twisting Nether.

    Of course, the name not only personifies a memory i have of my brother giving me my first nickname, it also complements my personality; in game as well as IRL. I tend to be a jokester, if i may toot my own horn, and i would go so far as to label myself eccentric. And to this day, i still shout loudly and get psyched up while playing competitive video games.

    Tis’ the majesty of gaming.

    Yours truly,

    Corey “Spaztik” Schmidt

    P.S. Good Luck with the project, hope this helped

  46. Me :)

    I selected the name Alhaq for my Gnome Mage because my character is similar to myself, physically smaller than all those “buff hero’s” but has a secretive hidden punch, topped off with high intelligence. In Arabic language, Al-Haq translates as “the truth” and since my character is a mage/wizard, these characters are always associated with wisdom, knowledge, enlightenment and truth…… and so by nature, by name 🙂 lame really, but it works for me.

  47. Kadiea

    well i picked my name because i like the sound of it!!

    im a lvl 60 shadow priest on shadowmoon and thought one of my nicknames i chose Kadiea would be perfect for a killer priest!!
    im a night elf so i wanted to be a little mystical!!

    i use kadiea in frozen throne and counterstike aswel but other names such as busterblader(cloud strife final fantasy) and theridion9just thought of it one day) are also my alts!

    i like anything starang eand sounds kool.nice t see a professor taking intrest in wow

  48. Emmspinnk

    Well, although I see many of these posters have names revolving around other fantasy characters or Greek backrounds, my names came from neither, hah.

    Imawhorde, Undead Warlock. A bit witty eh? (:
    Sarkastisch, Undead Priest. Meaning Sarcastic.
    Utterly, Tauren Warrior. Got milk?

    I just think they’re fun.

  49. Fiorin

    I just went the same way as most and named my character after an old roleplayeing characteri created ages back, Fiorin. I try to go for a fantasy sound with all my characters names, like Mystri, Nylira,names like that. I usually try to make them sounds something like the character, Mystri being a mysterious mage (the name obviously comingfrom mystery) though sometimesi just go for names which sound nice.

    For Fio’s pet ive got a wolf called Lythari, from lycanthrope. Just seemed to fit ^^

  50. 'Fenrer'

    I like my characters names to sound like actual names fitting their rase without hundreds of others using the same ones, regardless if I play on a roleplay or other server.
    Admittedly most on my beloved roleplayPVP realms were I also use addons for displaying a last name and such things…

    Only name ive consiously taken from somewere is ‘Remu’ its a name of a death god in the manga ‘Deah note’ and I choose it becose my sister took the name Ryuuku from another death god.
    We wanted the characters to have some connection as we were gona play as a team.
    (me being a female Troll Sahaman and she a Undead Warlock)

    Most my other names are just something I think sounds suitable for the character and his/her personality.

    *’Mongru’ – female Troll Rogue (sounds ..dark and threathening but at the same time …porny)

    *’Rufflar Zan’jaw’ – male Troll Shaman (looks a bit unkept and rugged with ruffled hair. Often refered to as Ruff, Ruffy or Ruffeh depending on what rase or person is speaking to me)

    *’Zabora’ – female Troll holy Priest (more ‘high and mighty’ / untouchable / distant – than most my charas)

    *’Hipsu’ – male Troll Priest (sounds like a finish troll name, suitable for someone a bit silly)

    *’Azmond Frostbane’ – male Troll Rogue (cold and threathening …not to be taken lightly.)

    *’Trundill Splintertusk’ – male Troll Mage (also called ‘sweet-tooth’ as he always stuffs himself with candy…)

    …yes, I got a thing for trolls… thats not even half of them.

    *’Jaws Moldhide’ – male Undead Warrior (Real name is ‘Jacule’, but as he is missing his jaw we call him ‘Jaws’)

    *’Renec Krumgor’ – female Orc Warrior (strong but still feminine)

    *’Kenoko Krumgor’ – female Orc Shaman (more or less the unplanned daughter of previous orc as she had a little romantic adventure and accidently leveld up from the desired twink level 19, so I had to make another one… name is actually the finish translation of ‘slash KO’ (/KO) as she is somewhat of a knock out.)

    *’Mongrule Reneco’ – female NightElf Hunter (slutty character with bordellish name? A slightly alterd name from 2 of my most known horde characters, made for visiting my old foes after the crossrealm battlegrounds made them all dissappear. Got a pet wolf called Fenrer – witch I usually use as my own nick.)

    *’Jirnadall Windsable’ – male Nightelf Rogue (elvish enugh, sounding a bit cold/hard)

    *’Dashner’ – male Nightelf Warrior (best I could think of for a militaryish, not so threathening, mindless, meatshield)

    *’Hernelius Poompelnickel’- male Gnome Mage (long name to make up for his shortness… Nah, I just liked the sound of it when said by a gnome)

    *’Brunhilde Ironglutes’ – female Dwarf Rogue (good and sturdy dwarf name me thinks)

    Well, I got more than 30 WoW charaters, so Im not gona list them all.
    Oh, some other info about me: im a 25 year old, female, from Finland.

  51. Merishka

    I love names and find them the background and reasoning so interesting. I like the name to fit the class and the character.

    My main is a gnome warlock called Merishka. I don’t actually think it fits my character now but others seem to think it does. I like the sound of the name and its the polish version of my middle name Maree.

    My main alt is a night elf priest. Her name is Shaeilyn. I wanted something that sounded pretty to go with the night elf beauty and also something that sounded elvish as well.

    I also have a dwarf hunter called Belmaera. It seemed to me to be dwarf sounding name.

    My other characters are
    Sumla – Troll Priest
    Nuggu – Orc Hunter
    Wachiwi – Tauren Shaman (means dancing cow in native indian)
    Zomishka – Undead Warlock (mix of Merishka and Zombie)
    Lissil – Night elf Druid
    Merizzle – Gnome Mage

  52. J¯rgen

    I’m a active user of WoW and love it.
    I don’t like when peaople call their characters like “Traagesczhh” U can’t even pronounce it!!
    I call my character Darlo 😉

  53. T.S

    im an active user of wow to and i love it to jorgen =)

    anyway i like the tolkien names to i got different books and special things.
    but i didnt choose my name like that i liked the card game Yu-gi-OH! few years ago already when it was just new and some cards was called Exodius or something couldnt remember u did had to put different cards togheter to complete it and it was a name of much power so now i twisted his name to Exodium

    my alt. hunter name
    also as well i like to play footbal and iam in a Junior team from PsV Eindhoven a dutch city so i made a twink gnome rogue and i call it twinkletoes =)
    and lucky i was fast enough for my lvl 60 hunter to call it Legolas =) because i dont like the alt names of him because their name just dont fit i think just like Maehdras ok but, WTF Imrahill..? just doesnt sound good to me =)

  54. Charlotte

    So many interesting stories and ideas behind the names – thanks a lot all of you for sharing them! It’s both fascinating to read and a great help for my project! /Charlotte

  55. Testi

    I know this forum is rather old, but I figured I’d contribute nonetheless. My friends and I all chose the Greek name route; however, for fun and to avoid taking a game too seriously, we altered the names to be humorous. Thus, our initial characters were Testiculore, Scrotitus, and Clymaximus.

    The word “crit” (short for critical hit) became subject of many jokes due to its alliteration to the word sh*t. From this a guild was born; the Crit Heads. A second round of characters developed, affectionately named “CritFaced,” “CritUrPants,” “CritStain,” “CritForBrains,” etc.

    Finally, after the dawn of the new expansion, a lack of effort and a surplus of wit caused many of us to modify our existing names to adopt a lisp; “Tethticulore,” “Thcrotituth,” etc.

  56. JIm

    i have my dwarf hunter named emrick i called him that for 3 reasons
    1:i love the name
    2:it sounds nordic or irish and i beleve thats what dwarfs were modled from those
    3:when i was little i made a book it was called emrick and the case that killed him
    he was a detective.

    his pets name is Kebaji because kebaji is from one piece and i love the name…..
    kebaji is a crocodile.

  57. Aben Zin

    I named my Night Elf Druid with the idea that elves all have Welsh names, right? Thus Llareggub was born, from the fictional town where Dylan Thomas’ ‘Under Milk Wood’ is set.
    One of my friends now has the name “Llamedos” for a very similar reason.

    Other names have included:

    Draenai Shaman: Damas (Soulblighter’s real name from the Myth series)
    Blood Elf Paladin: Barbiearian (“Don’t touch the hair!”)
    Tauran Hunter: Babyeater (“You… got any babies?”)


  58. Becker

    I’ve got a Tauren hunter named Haditha, after the city in Iraq where I grew up.


    HOW ABOUT THIS Rogue= JohhnyCheese
    Warrior= PeterHam
    Warlock= Alfredapple
    PRiest= Stevenbacon

  60. Feralfawcett

    I have a NE druid called Feralfawcett and Undead warlock named Demonica.

  61. VladVash

    i play an undead Fire mage by the name of Jellygraph, and Frost mage by the name of HaveanLceday, i chose Jellygraph because i wanted a name you would remember but that wouldnt sound weird, and i went to some random word generator, and for the HaveanLceday, i just loved the name, its a pvp account, but i use a capital l instead of an i so it appears as Haveanlceday, which can get confusing, but since im not grouping up and stuff its not bad, and it clearly shows im an ice mage, and i just think its a really cool and forward looking name. Eh dont mean to sound stuck up or nothing, i jsut like it alot.

  62. VladVash

    srry for double post but i like this guys names too

    “Imawhorde, Undead Warlock. A bit witty eh? (:
    Sarkastisch, Undead Priest. Meaning Sarcastic.
    Utterly, Tauren Warrior. Got milk?”

  63. Frostmage

    My mains character name is ‘Frostmage’ atm, and would really change it if I could (fire spec pwns since The Burning Crusade).

    Some other names I thought up:

    Female night elf druid or hunter: Shadra or Shazra
    Male dwarf (read: dorf): Gelnon

  64. superbanjoman

    well, when i started playing world of warcraft (christmas 2005) i began to look at all of the different classes, i seemed to be more interested in the horde than alliance because of the characters you could choose from ut i always had a soft spot for dwarfs. i ended up creating a tauren hunter named ongle. i chose this name because of the fact i thought that because the taurens were big characters, they wouldnt be that intulectual as the other characters so thats why i thought that the name ongle when they said it (ongul) sounded like they had a speech impediment. I played with this character for about 3-4 days before i got bored of it. i then went on to become my probably more liked type of character (dwarf) when i was creating him i was trying to think of a name that would sound good in a scottish accent (because i assumed that the dwarfs had a scottish accent which was correct) so i went through a variety of names that sounded good but ended up with one that sounded the best, zorian.
    when i typed in the actual name zorian i accidently put in an extra ‘a’ so that it came up zoraian (zor-ray-ee-an) and i only noticed this when i was a level 6 or 7 knowing now i had made a mistake with typing the name i really really did not want to start another player so i just stuck with my level 7 dwarf warrior player, zoraian.
    while i was playing WOW with zoraian i noticed that all of the really really high level characters seemed to be night elfs, so i wanted in on all of these high level characters. i created then a night elf druid by the name of zorgoth. i chose this name because of its small relation to the name zoraian and because it sounded mysterious and sort of cool, i carried on for a while before i realised that being a night elf wasnt it was all cracked up to be and that all of the forests of teldrassil seemed to grow deppresing and repetative. i decided to go back to the good old days of being zoraian.
    i have recently created a gnome mage player by the name of maginie because it sounds sort of magical and exciting.

  65. superbanjoman

    if anyone wants to cantact me on the european realms all they have to do is create a character in the emerald dream realm and type my dwarf warriors name zoraian

  66. zebov

    i picked zebov based on the fact that since i’m majoring in microbiology and i’m interested in viral pathology of BSL 4 viruses, ebola would be an interesting pick. thus, zebov is the “official” nickname of the worst form of ebola in humans – ebola zaire. hence Z-aire EBO-la V-irus.

  67. Domanic

    the reason i named my character that is because it is my name carried on from other parts of my family and ive always appreciated the name that i have and one more thing i wanted to say is that you can meet some cool people in world of warcraft like my friend.

  68. faithbdamned

    though this was a cool name mostly because my char is an undead priest. kinda obvious why i chose it.

  69. PheonixRising

    Mmm. I’ve done my share of DnD.. I tend to prefer simpler names for my characters. Megan Kali, a warrior/weaponmaster of mine.. was one of my favorites. Megan.. well, I’ve always liked the way that name rolled off the tounge. And Kali, because it’s a little known martial art styled after the hindu god Kali. You know the one, with six arms and six swords. I’m not a religious type, but she was the goddess of murder and treachery. It suited my character perfectly ;). I think I played her for around three years.. best pen and paper plot I’ve ever had. It was a blast.. and at the end of it I believe she retired on the prime, occasionally warding off powerseekers and monsters alike. With a 15-20 crit chance and a x4 modifier.. you didn’t want to be in her way.

  70. T¯uch

    I’m called T¯uch wherever. It’s the best of the five senses. Has connotations of a girl and passion for me, and while i was in it, the best summer ever.

  71. Me

    A lot of people put a lot of thought into video game characters because it becomes such a part of their lives.. me, on the otherhand, I just choose things that amuse me…

    GWBushie (Undead warlock – because he commands a minion)
    Cownchicken (from the cartoon show)
    Badname (because I couldn’t come up with a good name)
    Chestylaroo (from Homer Simpson’s name for Marge)

    Fun names to amuse people, afterall, it is just a game.

  72. Pat

    i named my chars

    Auraura night elf rogue- auraura meant to be aurora a girl i got in a fight with who nearly gouged out my eyes with her nails…thinken about deleating her…

    Berzerc Night elf worrior- cool twist on berserk(orignally a druid)

    Hapis tauren worrior- name of an ancient egyptian god w\ a bull’s head

    Zulaika troll shammy- sounds mystic^^

    *** thinken about names for a nother night elf rogue(f) and a troll hunter(m)

  73. Elizabeth Cruz

    My main characters name is Vishnoo, Originally I wanted to name her Athena for the goddess, but it was already taken.
    anyways I have always been interested in the Buddhist,hindu,zen,taoist beliefs. Theres a story about 3 gods Shiva(death)
    Vishnu(sustainer) and Brahma(Birth). I always liked the concept that Vishnu was the
    sustainer of life.In game im always running around
    questing but I always stop to help/buff someone if I can. I run lower levels through
    instances and try to contribute to the community in the game. So Vishnu pretty much fits with my
    personality and my friendly disposition.also, ima druid (nightelf) so I can do anything
    needed right away to help a dying group (tank,DPS,and some healing.*tranquility*. feral spec)

    I also have Reinn,Shes a warrior and to me its a mighty name like reign. and also like the rain drops that fall and get you all soaked in our miami

    Shyva-(mage) after the above said god of death lol (AOE attacks :P).

    Windextor(warlock gnome) is just for a Dane Cook (a comedian) joke about windex. lol and since
    I think gnomes are silly little people what better than a funny name?

    other people have silly names which makes first impressions fun and interesting. some people
    bad mouth others that have a name like “Daheala” or “Rogue4u” but I think its funny. it
    gives you a little insight into the other person. played once with this dude
    named Creeep and he really was, lol he tried to ninja everything.
    BTW im 20 y/o.
    g/l with your survey thing!

  74. Steve Wilson

    Cant really remember how i came up with my 1st WoW character name, just popped in head i guess. Thiredan a NE Hunter. Just seemed to go right for the charactor..I did keep the Thire bit thou for the next few chars, Thiredin Paladin, Thireage Mage etc etc so that ppl on the server that new the Hunter new it was me 🙂
    Changed to the Horde a year later and my 1st char there, a Orc Warrior is Called Schnookums… Now this name is associated with my son.. his nickname by us his parents is Schook…etc etc
    Undead Priest – Flaminia – Just looked up priest in different language/meaning and Flaminia came about from latin/roman (Roman Road). Rest of chars i make now have Flam in it somewhere 🙂
    nice idea here by the way. GL

  75. tom

    i called my charter who was a human rogue Tonimantana. i got told it was inaporprete so i had to change it. so i chose Robinhoody again was told no and got banned ! how unfair was that now i have to choose a name wich i wont get banned for wich is hard

  76. Avion

    My first character on wow was a mage named Elementos(maelstrom), and his name came from my Diablo II days as it was my first druid and account name. Then I made a troll shaman on Twisting Nether by the name of Pazzdingo, the inspiration came from having played Warcraft since Warcraft II. I will admit that Shaliana(lighyninghoof) my night elf priestess was a product of being inspired by the random name generator. My little warlock Nediaka(lightninghoof), her name was one I had used back in the days of playing rpg’s made by friends. Which is also where I came up with Dajin Gaikotsu (necromancer DII, and other places). Vazion is a name I came up with to roll with my good friend Vage. And Sudekai and all the many variations of it that I have was the first orignal name I ever came up with for a character and will always be revered by me. Finally Aidyn was the name of a world in an excelent rpg for the N64, and Avion(currently in use) just came to me one cold, dark, deep winters night.

  77. skillzdatkillz

    well, for starters, i always have my characters beginning letter be a “K”.. i dont know why, i just like “K”. My hunters name is Kraylen, cus that just sounded cool, and i made a draenei shaman named Kastria… so if ur like me and somehow like the letter “K”, just put a “K” in front of ur name and find something that fits and sounds cool for the rest of the name! 😛

  78. Ironfist

    I have been playing fantasy games for a few years now, ranging from gameworkshop upto online rpg’s such as Guild Wars and WOW.

    Below are a few names I have thought up for various races/ classes;

    Ragnar Ironfist – Human Warrior/ Male (Guild Wars) – Ragnar means ‘wise leader’
    Kelandra – Human Warrior/ Female (WOW)
    Draco Flamefist – Human Fire Elementalist/ Male (Guild Wars) – Draco ‘dragon’
    Darkblade – attempted to use for Night Elf Rogue/Warrior on WOW but it was already taken.

  79. Kham?l

    i have a character named Kham?l and he’s undead rogue. I think i need to name it better or something, like some really dark name. for example Azarghan, or Arakheth or something like that.

  80. Adam_25

    I use cool names from the Bible like Leviathan, Behemoth, Cherabim, and Seraphim. They work and they hold religous meaning to me.

  81. Amanda

    i have a couple of people
    1-Mercuric-my warlock, elements and stuff sound cool for magic
    2-Shauni-paladin-jst love da name
    3-Felidea-hunter-another word for lion
    4-Nightdragon-rogue-love dragons

  82. Tim

    Well I have many an alt character on wow, but my main is an orc warrior named Nogroz. I chose it because it sounds like something an orc would be named and its easy to abbreviate, i.e. “Nog, grab aggro of that mob first.” I try to make my characters names sound like something that character would be named, i cant stand the “Ihealsyou” (priest) and the “Stabdinthebak” (rogue) but i guess everyone has their own thing…

  83. Mitchy

    I have alot of names and characters in last 2 years of plaing Wow. But i think my best names and characters was bloodlust male human rogue named Mitchy and the trueshoting female elf hunter named Saphira because but after Eragon a new fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini my character was blocked. Huh i was realy scared what hapend so i asked GM to tell me why is it. He told me i have to change my name because i cant have same name as the one in book. Lol i told him i had the name year before the Christopher Paolini writed down the book. But after all i had to change it, so the best choice for me was very similar name for the one before so i choosed Sahira. it wasnt as charming as the one before.

  84. Natz

    Well i havent started playing WOW yet but im planning to.. and ive already thought a name for my Bloodelf shadow priest or warlock to be. i came up with Necrelya (well me and my bf did:P ) its part necro (from necromancer also necro in greek means death/dead) and the elya part comes from an elvish name generator for my name (nataly) and came out to be Enelya (Enelya by itsef was taken so.. i couldnt use that). so necro and enelya = Necrelya. also does sound elvish coz of the elya ending. 🙂 thats for me. also Necrosenctae or Necrosentia was initaly from necro and saint or necro and sanctuary/sanctum. yip.

    i like my characters to have names with a background in them, a meaning.

  85. these rule

    hi i have been playing WoW for a while now and i have 2 characters which i love their names 😛 i have many other characters with cool names.. like a gnome warlock called shadowfury.this was funny because shadowfury is the best destruction spell a warlock can have..i never realised this untill i made him lol. also i have a lvl 19 twink called spamalot….for anyone who doesnt know this is a famous name used by monty python and i love it 😛 but the only drawback is people think i am meaning to say that i spam alot in forums hehe and my fav name is protection…a holy palidin which i think the name fits perfectly with because i am protecting a group…hope this help 😀

  86. Mikie Young

    I like to have names with no meaning but will make people giggle when they read it. An example of these are:

    Berry Bush

  87. Mal

    I started playing WoW this year, and I try to find names that would suit the race that I play. Tariel is a Blood Elf paladin, and Telemnar is a Blood Elf mage. Usually, I’ll look to fantasy and fiction for ideas, and then create my own variations.

  88. Joel

    I usally uses

    Outbreak – warrior/rouge
    Nightvision – rouge
    Nohealforyou – priest
    Scairyhairy – Druid
    Loladin – can you guess? paladin ofc!

  89. demonh

    who would win between a demonic warlock v.s. a shadowpriest but this is only for outland im just wandering who would be the best for out land. im not going to go on this cite anymore so just cantact me on my characters demonh, paladinmatt, or fasterlvling im on the serever tichondrious and i only play on the weekends ok thx.

  90. Dennis

    Here is my share of wellthought character names 😛

    Tavros – Tauren Druid. For this one you need to get into the wikipedia’s of World of Warcraft. You’ll find that the word Tauren comes from the greek word Tavros which means bull.

    Intereo – Undead Mage. Intereo is latin for death and decay. Couldnt find a more fitting description then that one.

  91. Teh_Dude

    I always spend loads of time trying to come up with a name, but I usually never come up with anything nice, so I just write in something silly instead.

    Can count up some of my characters –

    Lexime -Night elf Rogue (Male), level 70 (main) – Got the name from a Random Name Generator in the game Anarchy Online. I want it to be pronounced Lex-ee-may, though people tend to pronounce it Lex-eem, and other ways.

    Moggle – Human Paladin (Female), Level 70 (alt) – I don’t want to think about the name.. When I made this character I didn’t plan on leveling it at all, and I was thinking about Moogle’s from the Final Fantasy games, and it turned out like this. However,I don’t like it 😛

    Lamie – Undead Rogue (Male), level 50(alt, duh) – Lack of fantasy, could only come up with lame names so I named it Lamie.

    Zarieth – Undead Mage (Male), level 39 (twink) – My precious twink mage. The name sounds kinda evil-ish, but it feels like I’ve gone with the flow too much.. everyone seem to have UD’s with names including the letters ‘Z’ and ‘th’. It’s okay, don’t like it very much, but seen others who do.

    Korttjock – Gnome Warlock (Male), level 31 (alt) – LOVE the name, LOVE the character. Would’ve made it a dwarf if they could be locks. The name is actually made up from two swedish words: Kort & Tjock.
    Kort = Short Tjock = Fat so, it means Shortfat, though it sounds much funnier in Swedish. It’s a nickname for my IRL friend. He’s short, and fat fits short well, so I call him Korttjock once in a while (as a joke, he’s not especially short, and not fat either, just tend to exxagerate it alot=) ).

    Cynic – Blood elf Warlock (Male), Level 9 (FTW) – Never playing on him, but I do like the name. The name fits a warlock, makes him sound a bit evil and wicked, insane =)

  92. Boff

    My mains name is Zinth, and he’s an Undead Rogue. I believe it’s the best undead Rogue name out there, but it was intended for an undead warrior in the beginning, tbh.
    Another awesome Rogue name would be “Garrote”, as it sounds/looks cool and is a Rogue ability 🙂
    The name of my current undead Warrior is Faint, because… You faint?^^
    I wanted my undead Mage to get the name Astel, but it was taken, unfortunately.

  93. Andrew

    Mohair (Draenei Paladin)
    Since the Draenei are goat like in appearance, hooves and horns, mohair is a play on the type of wool.

    Spacegoat (Draenei Shaman)
    This is a bank character. Again playing with the Draenei race as they came from “the nether” or space. Space taking on a double meaning of both outer-space and bag space.

    Micra (Gnome Warlock)
    Just playing with the latin roots for being small in size like the gnomes are. Character is also a tailor and there is a synthetic fiber called Micra as well.

    Pyewacket (Night Elf Druid)
    A feral druid who spends most her time in cat form. Pyewacket is a famous cat name from a movie and some children’s literature. (pronounced : pie-whack-it) The fictional cats have both magical and feral attributes. (one cat being a mangy, scrappy, alley-cat and one cat being a witches familiar)

  94. EMSEE

    nisei – meaning second generation
    eximius – meaning superb or amazing
    vir – meaning hero
    herrenvolk – meaning master race
    jumanji – great name for a hunter
    excelsis – meaning praise god
    vasquez or marquez – just random names

  95. Goibnu

    My name came from a handy website I found called it has a Google type search bar and searches from all different religious back grounds. My name itself was the Irish “god” type that was a blacksmith for Tuatha De Danann. His ale was said to grant the drinker immortallity. Suitingly i made a dwarf warrior. But the biggest problem i can find with the names listed above (at least the more common ones) is that its that exactly, their common and generaly taken. But if youever looking for a bunch of names check out the above site, its free and not only can you search names, but you can search through meanings and so on and so forth. I hope this has been helpful to what you were trying to do. 🙂

  96. Maximus

    Well my names are quite a bit strange mabye but well, I named my orc hunter Despano of the word Desperado, since I always like a bit a bandit on him so the name is a good one for me. Then my troll shaman is called Khanhai, I actualy don’t how I got it but it soundes like a troll name to me. Then I got an tauren warrior called Morogoth, it sounded like a strong proud name to me + its from a good leading person out of a book. Also I got a undead warlock called Markrik, seriously I didn’t when I made him 2 years ago that there was a orc questgiver in the Barrens called Mankrik.
    But anyways it sounded like a boney(Krik) name to me, and a normal human name called Mark, thats the combo. Then I got this newly started character called Mordreth, to be honest thougt it would be in use lucky it wasn’t (same I thougt with Morogoth to be honest but after all there ain’t so much Morogoths and Mordreths). The name Mordreth is from the bad son of the movie Merlin, hes an undead mage. Also got one fun name Milkyway, my tauren druid, from the candy and ofcourse the universe milkyway :P.

    Mostly I come up with names just by hard thinking, I never use a name generator I like the challenge of making a name, it took me one time about a week before I had a name.
    I wish you all good luck on naming and Jill on the project. 🙂

  97. Milos

    yo guys if u dont have any namestake name’s from other games or whatever or just pick a name and add a extra part at the begginnning or the end!!!! this helped me. I hope this helps you :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  98. Nikki

    Hmmm…. where to begin… maybe by saying that names are definitely very important to me. I have now around 20 characters across all races and classes, although I only play about 4 or 5. The way I do it is when I think of a good name I create a character to reflect the name, play it a few levels till I can get to an inn and leave it there until I feel like picking it up again. That way I have the character there and I don’t risk anyone else picking up the name or me forgetting it. 🙂 Here are some of the names and how I thought of them:

    1. Hallkatla – my main, a Gnome Warlock. I wanted a Viking name for my first character since I’m Scandinavian. This name didn’t stick because of what it means, but because it sounded kind of like “Hellcat” which I thought was apt for my warlock. 😀 She’s a little innocent looking gnome with pink pigtails and big blue eyes and I just thought it suited her so well.

    2. Clementia – Drainei Hunter. It’s a Latin name meaning ‘Merciful’. I thought it suited since the Drainei seem so gentle. I tames Humar the Pridelord with her, and named him ‘Runako’ which is African and means ‘handsome’ (which I really think he is, I spent around 2 hours just to have a black lion once I hear about him :P).

    4. Cuwen – Night Elf Hunter. Elvish name meaning ‘bow maiden’. She’s not lvl 10 yet so don’t have her pet.

    5. Kleptha – Gnome Rogue. Yes, obviously taken from ‘klepto-‘. I did however think of it while reading Tom Holland’s Supping With Panthers where there is a greek band of thieves called Klepthi. I don’t really play her since I prefer ranged classes but I think the name is so suitable!

    6. Mimoa – Tauren Druid. A little twist on the name ‘Minoa’ which I made up on a whim for a troll mage I never played, I liked it cause it had the ‘mo’ in there. And it’s kinda sweet.

    7. Menelle – Tauren Hunter. Another name I just made up on a whim – I just wanted a Tauren Hunter to have a cow with a pet really… but I like the character so I’ve played her quite a bit. I tamed The Rake for her pet but I haven’t settled on a name yet.

    8. Aludra – Human (Holy) priest. It’s arabic and means ‘Virgin’ which I thought suited a holy priest! It’s also the name of a star in Canis Major.

    9. Zildijah – Troll Hunter. Yes, the name is a slight twist on Zildijan. Chosen because my partner is a drummer and it sounds kind of trollish I thought (as I saw that someone else on this page also did, hehe). I changed the n at the end to a h simply because I thought it sounded more feminine. She does not have a pet as yet as she’s too young. 🙂

    10. Gabrielle – Undead Priest. It’s Hebrew and means “God is my strength”. Also named a little bit after the character of the same name from Desperate Housewives because that’s how I see my undead, a bit spoiled and overindulgent. :p

    Those are the names I have that Im happiest with for now… I hoped it gave some good insight. 🙂

  99. Matan

    I always try to find cool names for my characters, I want the name to have a meaning, for example:

    Night-Elf Druid: “Cateline” – For the first look, it looks like a normal name, like Catherine or something… but it actually points out how much I like cat form: Cteline = Cat+Feline. This way I got with a cool name that sounds like a name (I hate people calling themselves: “therogue” for example), and also has a meaning for me.

    More cool names i had: Tauren Shaman: “Horny” (for the horns…); Orc Warlock: “Inferno” (because of the demons he summons); Dwarf Warriror: “BigBelt” (you can guess…);

    I hope you liked my characters’names… I have lots of ideas, and many stories to put behind these names 🙂

  100. Druid

    I have two characters. A night elf druid named “Panther” After my favourite Animal =P I have to Admit I am lucky to get that name

    And my other on another server, an undead rogue, named Krutuz since I thought it sounded Sinister and a good named for an evil git >_>

  101. Si

    I do have an obsession with finding the perfect names to match the characters yet i do get stuck and i have to do research in order to find the names (sometimes especially with the tauren i want to make)

    I’ve got a human warrior names Neoptolemus which is the name of Achilles’ son who was brutal. My warrior also has red hair as Neoptolemus implies red haired.

    I also have an undead priest called Pyrrhus which was named after Neoptolemus as Pyrrhus was also his name.. Not to be confused with Pyrrhus of Epirus where we get the phrase pyrrhic victory.

    Also i have a Night Elf named Telamon, after Aias’ (latinised: Ajax) father.
    These names are taken from Greek mythology yet i’m a classics student so..

  102. Kitti ^_^

    Hey there,

    he he i have a lvl 70 lock called Niah (It means vurse bringer ^^ suitable for a lock i thoguht lol)
    i have a lvl 8 mages called Witch lol.

    I have a lvl 60 druid called ferox (meaning at one with the wild )
    and i just made a horde druid (tauren obviously lol) called Faelan ( means little wolf ^_^ not exactly little but means wolf)

    he he i like to spend ages thinking of names as they have to be really intune with my charactor ^^

    love kitti

  103. Reverze

    My very first character was named Hybird, this cause it was leaded from Hybrid but this was taken, and Hybird fitted my hunter for me since they are as free as hawks.

    my second main char was named Sephirock a warrior, ofc another way to write sephiroth, but I thought mine was original, the rock part referes to my warrior as a tank (always prot specced) hard as a rock, steady, and you cant move it.

    then I got my paladin named Jareth, this is named after a Lion arena fighter from the Cardgame MTG (magic the gathering).

    finally my priest wich is named Fantajii, this is japenese for Fantasy wich i thought was very fitting for a priest cause they are very mystic in my eyes.

  104. Eejit

    My hunters nam eis Eejit because its a nam enot in a different language but not many people know what it is… it means idiot from the old Irish way a speakin

  105. BB

    Thrrmezzaz – Night elf hunter in WOW, named after the charachter in a SF book of alien race. It seemed suitable to me as nelfs are somewhat alien to me, rather cool and with glowing eyes..
    Malikayn – I wanted something between malicious and Cain for my Human warlock, this came put as pretty cool name for me
    Nae – something short and suitable for Draenei shaman

  106. Andrea

    My mains name was completely random. I used to write novels when i was younger and so kept a database of names on my compter for naming charcters. While looking through i thought ‘Malenga’ sounded like a great troll shaman name, turns out it is swahili and means sings well, and when im drunk and on vent yes i do sing
    I also have purposly mispelt names, Hunter called ‘Teeze’, Paladin called ‘Cexxie’, Mage called ‘Cmoke’ druid called ‘Friski’.
    My undead Priest orginally was called ‘Orna’ for no real reason when i transfered her name became ‘Savasana’ which means corpse in sanskrit, my undead warlock also has a sanskrit name ‘Angana’ which means destruction by fire. i began researching sanskrit after becoming involved with Yoga.
    My only really unroleplaying name is my rogue ‘Kandyblood’, a play off my raid teams name which is ‘Kandiping’. Kandiping was a well known farmer legend from my old server who would spend her time in deadwind pass, so we thought it fitting as Kara is in deadwind pass

  107. Katie

    Zahnn, from an old sci fi show

  108. Neb

    My main is a huntard (FTW) and called him Neb aparently it means “lord” or something in ancient egyption but i just called it Neb because it is my name backwards 😛

    also got a udnead priest called mannyfagnet

  109. Ross

    thanks for the help guys, i had trouble with naming my undead mage and came here and within minutes i had the one for him.. my Orc shaman however, i used the name “Wrede” not only does it sound cool (=p) but it means Anger in swedish, also, i find the techniques you guys use to be very helpful, my mind flooded with names after hearing how to do it and use my immagination. (i wish it came earlier, i could have used an immagination in my life) anyways, good luck and i hope this site helps you as it did me. Take care.


  110. Ilinca

    I named my chars after deities as well.. i have chosen greek because those were the ones i was very passionate about when i was a kid. I took into consideration the profile of the race too. Therefore my Night Elf Druid female is named Eido (from Eidothea) the daughter of the shapeshifting god Protheus. She was a sea nimph (Halilai) which seemes to me goes well with the blue color of the NEs.

    My second char (Undead female) is named Alale. She was considered the female personification of the war cry. Greek soldiers would cry out her name as their battle cry. Later i found out the name was a derivation from dumb, mute and speechless (ironically) in greek, but still it’s important that when called upon she brought terror into the bones of the enemies (this is my pvp char).

    My third and last character was named as a parody to my previous. Her name is Palale… and guess her class. My friends and i laughed a lot when we came up with this one.

  111. Wortho

    I name my characters very similar to the last names of NPC’s and famous Warcraft name, example: Wisperwind, Darkmoon, Nighthowl ect.

    Human Paladin: Holyforce
    Night Elf Druid: Oakwood
    Drainei Hunter: Dawnwalker
    Dwarf Warrior: Glorybeard

    Currently thinking up a good Warlock name. These names really go well with RP and non-RP. People can see your name in chat and get an understanding of what type of race, class and player you are.

    Thankyou and please comment on my names:D.

  112. demonh

    what is a cat name for a druid that likes to use restro im going to be a night elf druid soon

  113. Charlotte

    This is so fascinating! You people are really creative and it’s very interesting to hear the thoughts behind the names. I’ve got a lot of help for my research through your posts. Thanks everybody! Thanks also to Jill for posting my request on the blog! Good to hear it helps other players in their naming too, as Ross writes.

  114. scott

    a cat name that would be appropriate for a druid that likes to use restro would be maestro.

  115. Ensa

    The Main character I play with is a Warlock his name is Ensabahnur (En Sabah Nur) wich is the orriginal name of Apocalypse the enemy of the X-men a very evil guy actualy ;), wich I read tons as a kid. Seemed a fitting name for a lock since his name means The dark Lord/Ruler (not entirly sure wich it was.
    And it seemed like a funny thing to do, calling it after a comic figure.
    Well there is layers of meanings behind it but this is the bottom line, even heard of a guy on an other realm using the same name.

    The game is acve although I have to admit a bit addictive, but most things that are fun or pleaserable are ;).

    Ps. I only play horde, I just play since about two months and played WCIII in the past and alway enjoyed playing Horde side more then Alliance so I went traight for the Horde, might try a alliance character laters.

    Peaceand remeber’it’sa game and games are al about…………………FUN! 😉

  116. Lunitica

    My first character was a mage called Mooncatmage, but it wasn’t very original and deleted her at level 28.

    My second and main character at this point is LunÔs, after the nightelf godess Elune. I wanted it without the accent but it was taken. This is where I got my nickname on the internet (out of WoW), Lunitica, sometimes shortened to Lun.

    I have three hunter alts (I’m not sure why), the first I named Shadowraven because it sounds quite mysterious. My second is named Illithwyn simply because it sounded nice. My third hunter is called Lilial which is based on the book, Lirael.

    I also have a gnome rogue called Aegle, which is just Eagle with the first letters switched round. Eagles are a little like rogues because they are powerful, agile and swift.

    I think names need to say something about your character, especially on a RP realm, but sometimes I like to have a little fun with my characters names such as my undead Sidthezombie 😀

  117. XayÓde

    I get most of my names from differet books exspecially “Neverending story”

    XayÓde(nightelf hunter)
    Illu‚n(human warrior)
    Ygramul(undead mage)

    One of my most favourite names is “Anchesenamun” taken from “Anches-en-Amun” the wife of Tut-anch-amun.

  118. Jeebus

    My main is a priest and has the best name to date for one,


    Yes from an episode of the Simpsons. If on Thrall say hi!

  119. Flode

    My main is a human, femal mage with the name:



  120. papo

    My inspiration for my night elf rogue comes from the class and race my character is. Since my character is a shady night elf rogue i named him shadowlancer.

  121. Dragonforce

    I have a lvl 61 Warrior whose name I had a hard time coming up with. He was my first character and also my highest level one. I chose his name, DeathSlayer, by lookin through my Media Player and looked at bands and song names. I chose Dethklok and Slayer (durr) everytime I make a new character I sit here for like 20 minutes thinking of cool words I heard that day, 😀

  122. Entropia

    The basis for my first slew of characters was a band I liked called Pain of Salvation. I used words from titles of their songs/albums that would still sound like fantastical names. From this method I got: Entropia, Cruentus, Spitfall, Scarsick, Hedgerow, Idioglossia, Lilium, and Iterimpius. After this ran dry and I switched to Horde, I started using references to the gunslinger series by Stephen King which gave me Lud and Tull. You can publish anything you see fit.

  123. Graydust

    I always have trouble with names because I’m pretty particular about it. I really like names that are short or can be shortened(Alexander-Alex). I also like them to make sense in the context of the game. I also try to pick names that are original(made by me), uncommon and interesting, or taken from a character in a movie or book that I relate to(Linus from Peanuts) . And, of course, I just have to like the sound of them.

    My only character right now is a tauren druid named Graydust. I like the the sound of it, it can be shortened to “Gray”(most people call me this when I join a group), and it makes sense because tauren often have names that are just a two word combo. And it’s not really a typical or cheesy fantasy name. Someone also mentioned something about it making sense because my character took the enchanting profession, which I assume is because enchanting involves dust.
    I had an orc hunter, which I deleted because I didn’t feel like playing with him after awhile, named Guntram. Guntram IIRC is german and means “War raven.” Which is kind of cool I think, plus it sounds like an orcish name. Might use it again.
    I actually stumbled upon this page while looking around for possible names or at least some inspiration for a name for my next character, an undead warlock.

  124. Bloodreaperr

    Hey im havin trouble with gettin a good name for an orc warrior i wanna make, any suggestions?

  125. Kitty

    I have a Gnome mage called Aliice, i was staring absently at the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when i was making my char and i think it’s appropriate cause she’s a little character in a fantasy world 🙂

    I have an Undead rogue called Sunii – i like the double ‘i’ and its a play on the word ‘sunny’ (which was taken) which i like for an Undead.

    And Angua, a human warrior, named after a werewolf from Terry Pratchett’s books.

    Why are no chars in WoW black?????!

  126. rolonond

    i have a dwarf hunter whos name is rolonond which is rolling on d if you spell it out which i named as such because during the time i was making my character me and my friends were there and i was playing world of warcraft as a joke cause we all made fun of it. also the south park episode make love not warcraft had just aired and we all saw it so im like well this game can only be good if your high so the d stands for drugs thus rolling on drugs im not a drug addict nor have i ever had drugs but we thought it was a great name and then i got addicted to WoW so the name stuck because drugs came to be pixelated crack called world of warcraft so the name was very fitting i was playing a great game like your high and your on drugs

  127. NZer

    I tend to use names from my country new Zealand like Tui (a kind of bird) and Weta (A long kind of stick bug). I also at the moment have a 70 mage called Slaughtercow (I kept pwning taurens on my paladin Goldensaint and got inspired).

    My advice is pick something your familiar with and maybe use anagrams like rogue= Guore or something like that.

  128. jayyyyy 2

    how about demonrage

  129. Alnath

    I named my Tauren warrior “Alnath,” after a star in the constellation Taurus. Still my favorite name of all my characters. Info about the star:

    Located in the constellation: TAURUS

    Rank in Constellation: Beta

    Comparitive Brightness: Not in the top 25

    From the Arabic Al Natih, “The Butting One”.

    This is the Babylonian Shur-narkabti-sha-iltanu, the “Star in the Bull Towards the North”. In Hindu legend it is associated with Agni, the god of fire, whose name we take in vain whenever we ignite anything. … (Alnath) marks the tip of the Bull’s northern horn.

    Robert Burnham, Jr., Burnham’s Celestial Handbook, Vol.2; Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1978.

  130. de Gozer

    a comic-book series in Flanders and Holland called ‘De Rode Ridder’ (= The Red Knight) has some fine names too; like:
    – Vrykolakas (a Vampire lord)
    – Karpax (a steel dude)
    – Necromonicon (an evil book of the dead with its own will, written in human and demon blood on black pages)
    – Zerahemnah (a demon lord from an other dimension)
    – Yoros (a retarded poacher)
    – Hoak (leader of a gang of highwaymen)
    – …

  131. splitblade

    hmmm some really interseting names guy, but theres something missing the pizzaz. I know you can think up a really great name so your like oh god thats a great name, but it might not really be that good people might not like it, you need really pizzazed names not names like ishnarbahanul because people will be going like, what the heck, the best names in my opinion are names that means something.Mean something important about you,well generally names like swiftarrow. people go like “Oh theres swiftarrow hes must be good”.Just telling you guys these names are my opinion dont take it the wrong way.

    (^_^)-i like making faces on the internet….LOL

  132. Tommie

    Hey guys.. i saw this site here..
    so i tought lemmie put my names on it too

    I got an lvl 70 Rogue named – Kitchenknife i wanna too have an name with knife in it
    cuz a rogue is always wearing knife’s/sword’s and it sounds cool so 😛
    + i got an lvl 70 Priest named: yeye i saw him often: Dahealah

  133. Badi

    Hi there,
    I wish I ran into this earlier…really interesting project. I might be a bit late but nevertheless here is my name is WoW…

    I have a Night-Elf Hunter, and I call him MULATHAM, its Arabic for Masked-One, since I’m Arabic I felt the name seemed RPish and when read in English also seems so. I change pets often but my main pet that I keep around is a big bad wolf called BAROOD, its a black dog, and BAROOD means gunpowder in Arabic…hence BAROOD 🙂

    Goodluck in ur project
    Oh and splitblade…ur not the only one who likes making faces on the net 😀

  134. He

    I’ve always had trouble coming up with WoW names so i’m gonna get right to it,
    Orkchop-funny male orc name (i used it on a male orc warrior)
    Archus-cool male name (i used it on a male human warrior)
    Crumpet-funny name for anyone (i used it on a male tauren hunter, w/ wolf named tea for Crumpets n’ Tea)
    Delanora-cool female name (i used it on a female Blood Elf paladin)
    Octopusneck-funny male draenei name (i used it on a male draenei hunter, no pet)
    well those are my names, hope you like em TY!

  135. unknown player

    bogdan – human male pala
    noey – human female mage
    enell – nelf female hunter
    emotionella – human female priest
    viktor – human male warrior
    aeres – draenei female priest
    siktir – gnome female warlock


  136. Duckielord

    i named my guy Duckielord cuz my ‘girlfriend’ payed me in WoW money alot

  137. awesome

    ponesos (pwn-sauce)- human warrior
    stabbymcstab – n/e rouge (n/e means nightelf)
    iburntoast – human mage
    rustyshackle -human priest
    necropleez (nigga, please.) -human (black) warlock
    buhbuhbacon – n/e druid
    kneecrusher – human rouge
    facialpwn – dwarf pally
    daterraappee – dwarf rouge
    buttsechs – gnome rouge
    those are my names =]
    most are on stonemaul (realm)
    hoped you like em lol

  138. Bryonia

    My taur name is Aouombla… one of the names of the primevel cow of creation in Norse mythology that licked the god Buri,grandfather of Odin, into being from a block of salty ice.
    “Ah, the rains have returned to Red Plains Mesa. They renew the life of this fertile land. Mind where you step.”

    Bryonia is a flowering herbal vine. I needed to create a new name for YIM one day and I picked up a seed catalog which also had flower fairy figures for sale. White Bryonia was the name of one figurine.

  139. harv

    i love wat some of u wrote i did my name as elexene because my favorite doll was called that and i still have ot today.

  140. Ho hos with kiwis

    I love WoW only for the horse’s but heres a name [Its my favorite player] Vajk. There.

  141. Ho hos with kiwis

    Sorry it mustaken my website “this one” was supposed to go here. But anyway I’m changing my guy, I don’t know if its gonna be Good or Bad. Hmm. Vajk should be on 60 something, but what kind of player are you?

    GTG i’m killin a dinosaurs side with poisin berry and black berry pie!!! EEK!!!! HE BIT ME AND TOOK MY SPLINE WITH HIM!!!!!!!

  142. Need help with name

    can someone give me a troll name thats cool with a troll mage ? i need an afirican name thats like Zan Zar stuff like that pls!! HELP!! i move from a server and i dont got a name to name my char HELP PLOX!

  143. Sidereal

    Sidereal – NE Druid –
    Was the name of my old taru taru in FF. It means like “relating to the stars.” Druids cast starfire, and my night elves are kaldorei (something like that) so it fit.

    Cilantro – Gnome Rogue –
    He’s got green hair, and he’s small and wild, much like a wild onion. Was my old 19 twink.

    Arithmetic – Human Warlock –
    I dunno, I figure if you conjure up demons you might as well me good at basic math.

    Floss – Dwarf Priest –
    My buddies and I had this whole bathroom thing going on. One priest was Toothbrush, the other, Washcloth.

    Chutzpah – Human Paladin –
    Just started this one. It means like ostentatious or arrogant in Hebrew. All pallies remind me of highschool jocks anyhow, so it fits.

  144. says says

    i usually spend a lot of time over my character names. I have characters in WoW, Dragonfable and dragonlance. my first person is called vladimir. its a traditional male russion name. i love names that end in ‘mir’. just sounds so heroic.

  145. Fisk Pojken

    Hi, i play wow and i have a gnome warrior and alot of other avatars.

    one i call Fiskman and he is my gnome
    two i call Fiskmaster because he is a warlock
    tree i call Fiskkvinnan because he is a women
    for i call Fiskfittan because i am used to be called that in school

  146. Daelbrande

    I think most of my toons have pretty cool names.

    My main is a Elf druid named Daelbrande, which I think roughly translates into “of the (D’) elf (Ael) blade (brande). I think in Old English… Not sure, can’t remember. I’m reusing it from my old D&D days.
    A female Gnome warlock named Nostradonna (after Dostradomus)
    A male Dwarf rogue named Chubbiecox (after the Sealab 2021 character)
    A male Human warrior named Homestar (see
    A Male Drainei shaman named Shamidavis (after Sammy Davis Jr.)
    Another male Drainei shaman named Shamwise (after Samwise from LotR)

  147. Qit el-Remel

    Vehrala (female tauren druid): Off the top of my head.
    Sekaru (female troll rogue): Ditto.
    Lolotea (female draenei shaman): “Theodora” (divine glory) filtered through the (IIRC) Cherokee language.
    Umbriel (female draenei hunter): Either an obscure Shakespeare character, or one of the moons of…ahem, the seventh planet. (Comes from a root word meaning “shadow,” which fits with her dark gray-violet skin.) Has a cat named “Havoc” as a pet, which is a brazen George R.R. Martin (pre-“Ice and Fire”) rip.

  148. Tamlin

    Tamlin is pretty much ALL my main characters names in different servers. If i have more than one character on a server than it will be a form of Tamlin, such as Tamlinn, Tammlin, and so forth. I like the name Tamlin because it is My real life name and sounds like a mythical character name imo. If i move to a server i really want to be a part of and it turns out that Tamlin is taken, i just use an accent of i to replace the regualr i in Tamlin. Example: TamlÌn. Works out fine for me. My Gamertag on Xbox live will be changed to Tamlin2308. 2308 is another one of those name parts that i keep. 2308 was the four digit number originally given to me in a massive paintball tournament (1v1) that i won.So i consider my lucky number and whenever Tamlin is taken in a game i put 2308 at the end of it(thats if they allow numbers, of course.) And even then, if Tamlin2308 does not work, i use T01 at the end because its my service tag on Halo 3 lol. i Chose T01 because it stands for Tamlin 01, as in Tamlin is #01. So thats basiclly my entire naming history. If you ever find a game and want a new friend just look for Tamlin, TamlÌn, Tamlin2308, TamlÌn2308,TamlinT01, or TamlÌnT01!

  149. Valcrist

    I am 19 years old (soon to be 20), Male of Brazilian Ethinicity.
    My main Character’s name is Valcrist, he is a Human Paladin, I got the name off of the game “Legend of Mana” for the PSX, but for some reason it just seems to fit a Human Paladin so well and in about 4 different occasions I was told that the name went well with the class/race. Every single game I play as a Paladin which happens to be my favorite class ever I name it Valcrist.

  150. Justin

    I was reading some posts, and noticed that some people would name there characters using some other source. Like old Gaelic Theology books, or Greek Mythology, etc. I think its great to use historical or religous text to come up, or simply use names. Personally I’ve looked in the Bible for some names for my characters on World of Warcraft. It works well because I play alot of Human and Undead toons. For example I have a human mage named Amorities which i found in the Bible, and a Undead shadow priest named Necrodemus, also found in the bible. With all respect to the material there are a plethora of names to use and they make for very mideivelish names. I’ve never used anything else but im sure it would be intresting to skim through any other religous material and see what you can find.

  151. Anonymous

    Name: Troy
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    I just started playing WoW very recently (about a week ago)but I thought I’d give some input, even though it’s a bit late.

    Since I always give my characters fully developed personalities, (even if I’m not role playing with them, they always are who they are in my head as I use them) it is very important to me that a character’s name has something in common with who they are.

    My female Tauren Warrior is named “Keezheekoni” – it means either “burning fire” in Cheyenne or “fire briskly burning” in Chippewa. She is a warrior with a strong and fiery spirit, and so this name fits her. Fire also represents rage to me, which is essential to the warrior class. Her fur is entirely black as if it were charred.

    My female Undead Warlock is named Anasztasia (a variant form of “Anastasia”) which means “resurrection” or “she who shall rise up again” (which I wasn’t aware of until AFTER I had pretty much decided the name, oddly enough). This fits her for obvious reasons. I also like that it has a somewhat exotic sound to it, and is not a very commonly used name… This, to me, fits with her somewhat mysterious personality and background.

    My female Troll Shaman is named “Nagh,” a self-made name which sounds similar to the word “naga” meaning “snake,” a creature which she feels a close relationship to and is fascinated by. This is partially due to the fact that the snake slithers with its belly directly touching the earth – as a shaman, Nagh wishes to have this sort of closeness with the earth as well.

    Sometimes I’ll come up with a character to fit a name that pops into my head, though. I suddenly had the urge yesterday night to create an Undead male named “Quade.” As I created him, decided on a class (Mage), tweaked his looks, etc, his personality came together. (BTW, “Quade” can mean, among other things, “not good, bad.”)

    It’s important to me that the name not only fits the character’s personality, but also his/her racial background. I wouldn’t name a Troll “Anasztasia” for example. That just don’t make no sense. 😛

  152. Tyno


    – Tyno (lock)
    – Tino
    – Zeltax
    – Yakuba
    – Piwo
    – Muffey

  153. petar

    i like the name lightseaker for alliance becouse its great and the paladins are holy (light) shit

  154. John

    For my Troll Hunter i used the name Dutazinda and Jyobanda, both are names from the random, i liekd them alot, for my Draenei hunter i use Medea, seemed right Medea is the daughter of a greek god or something, shes supposed to represent magic but i just like the name. for other characters ive used anime names but that was for Ragnarok, mroe of a carttonish feel like Naota and stuff. also a good name i found on random name was Scyn it sounds like Sin but its not 😛 which is kind of cool

  155. joe

    ive always been a big video gamer so i went throught different names like poco once or caith (got that playing neverwinter nights lol) but now im into joechef cuz my names joseph haha but theres actully a story behind it

  156. Wowaddict

    I saw someone’s mage named “Sheepwithme”. LOL

  157. Boris

    My human rogue name is Richlion. I was gonna name him Richard Lionhearted – which is more appropriate for a paladin, but the name cant fit the maximum number of letters – so I shortened it to Richlion. Pretty nice and cathcy

  158. nathan

    I always name my characters as things that roll of the tongue quite nicely, and i always find people remember my names, which makes it all the more fun. My main character is called frotter, undead mage, its snappy and quite fun, if you ignore the meaning of the word it originates from… I also called my human mage zazula and human warrior towie. I Dont like the real fantasy names because they arnet as fun and meomorable (for me).

  159. Man of Awesome

    I have a few characters, all with cool names:
    Human Warrior – Darivan
    Dwarf Paladin – Odinger
    Night Elf Hunter – Syroc

    Blood Elf Mage – Firion
    Orc Shaman – Thurodar
    Tauren Warrior – Volstagg

    and btw, they’re all male.

  160. Whosane Fatal

    Hi peeps,

    I’m looking for a name for a undead warrior / rogue. It must be a real Killer, Murderer, just as deadly as it can be.

    I mostly like serius names. Not just Killa, Crusher or other fake names.

    I hope to hear soon from you guys. 🙂

  161. wassabee

    i have madea a few names which i rly like
    dunno if they are good but guess they are aiight
    i havea female undead rogue named “zexian” and Male/undead warrior- “Vexen”
    blood elf rogue- scaith or azorth
    undead warrior- racouza and xtremist
    blood elf paladin- pegason
    gnome warlock- shadowfax
    not much but i lyk da names

    hope ya enjoy :))

  162. Artesyn

    To Whosane Fatal: my spouse has some names he is saving on one of our servers: Eviscera, Apathia. Look up words in other languages. Especially like French & Celtic/Gaelic have pretty sounding words for terrible things.

    My toons:

    NE Druid – Artesyn (Had seen the word artisan in the newspaper and thought it’d make a cool name I just wanted to change it up a bit.

    Gnome Mage – currently name Elilyan. I’m wanting to change her name so that is how I ended up her in the first place.

    Draenie Priest – Avellian

    NE Rogue – Adriea (name is from a fantasy novel. I googled women assassins and found a website with a whole bunch of fantasy novels where women were the heroines.

    BE Warlock – AsarlaÌ (Gaelic for warlock)

    Undead Mage – Calestera (Came off a trailer for a new housing development where I live.)

  163. Artesyn

    I once came across a Priest whose name was Hymn. Quite clever.

  164. DaMon

    Well I started WoW around 3 to 4 years ago now, and I’ve made A-LOT of chars. Ill just name a few of my favourites.

    – My first char is Knockback a 70 Hunter. I guess a Warrior would have been more fitting for that name, but eh.

    – Next I have a lv 70 Palidan named Cloud with a guild called Strife. So when you see it it looks like Cloud

    – I also have two 45 warriors. Bloodbrother Orc, and Krashbandiku Tauren.

    – I do have a Undead Priest Necrohealiac.

    -I also have a 60 Troll Rogue named Thugga. Thought it was very fitting.

    – Lastly I have a 63 Tauren Shaman named Jugganaut. A few will know where I got that name from. 😉

    ‘My two cents’

  165. DaMon

    Sorry. My Palidan is named Cloud so when you look at it it looks like.


  166. Evan Grey

    I usualy name my characters what first comes to mind but i have named some characters for a reson. For instance me and some frinds all named characters with the word bot in it Huntbot,tankbot, dpsbot,lockbot,and rezbot. we fgured we would e recondnized as a group more redily like this, it worked. I named some charactrs to honer fictional characters i admire like Robert Nevile in I am legend (i liked the boook a lot).

    Heckusai-on emerald dream

  167. Artio

    I named my Druid Artio after the Celtic Druid bear goddess.

  168. Jay

    I personnally like the funny names. One of my guild mates is named futtbucker and i saw a hunter named bowjob once haha tauren names are always good too

  169. marly

    I have currently 3 characters:

    Graakthro – Level 70 undead Protection Warrior. Chose this name as it fits the rough and unrefined way of how the Forsaken act. It sounds like someone clearing his throat or talking without a lower jaw.

    Nukemal – Level 70 Frost Mage. Chose this name because it could be taken as an actual Elven name and people only on second glance consider it a reference to what Mages do best: Blasting stuff. Ironically, my Mage is frost specced so people expecting Pyroblasts will be seriously disappointed 🙂

    Marly – Level 39 Shadow Priest. A tribute to Bob Marley and the beautiful Jamaican English that the Trolls in WoW tend to speak.

  170. Morten

    I realy want you to vote this name for a HUMAN MALE MAGE!

    What do you think about ‘Molizard’ and ‘Olizandrey’ ??

    Please give me your meaning, because i consider to change my name. to one of them

    Thanks 🙂

  171. UrFace!

    70 Human mage – Mistaburr
    70 Orc Rogue – Achiles
    40 NE Hunter – Rawrkitten (Pet) NettikRawr
    43 Troll Warrior – Smashncrash

    I picked these just cause they popped in my head.

  172. Tellonim

    I got the char name ‘Tellonim’ from the italian word for Hammer (Tello) and the italian word for Soul (Anima). So my characters name means Hammersoul (Tellonim is just better for an RP server lol). So I think if you want a truly unique name, take a word you like and translate it into another language. If I can’t think of a name, thats what I usually do.

  173. Teppe

    Troll priest: Pisang [as in Ambon]
    Troll Hunter: Phosphor (with pet called Sulphur)
    Troll Rogue: Tinpow

  174. Mahkah

    Mahkah – lvl 70 Tauren Druid

    Tauren villages seem quite shamanistic and reminded me of naitive Americans, so I searched baby names websites for naitive American names and Mahkah came up as meaning Eagle Hunter, I dont hunt eagles but it kind of suited

  175. Aev

    My first Character, Aevra(pronounced ev-ra), is a night elf druid, I came up with her name by taking a boy name that I liked and adding an A to the beginning of it to make it look feminine.

    My second character is named Tahkahrrah(pronounced ta-ka-ra), her name is totally original, me an my boyfriend came up with it when I wanted to make my night elf hunter, so we sat down and said, ok so Elf names are complex, and long, so this is what we came up with.

    Finally my third Night elf is named Iaco(pronounced eye-ko), she is a priest, and I made her after one of my friends who stopped playing WoW.

  176. Badi

    I saw a hunter with a pet named “Imwithstupid” LoLz

  177. Anonymous

    Slust & Sekstasy are my names in WoW…
    I like names that are probably against
    naming pollocies just to be like that.

  178. Fantzypantz

    Fantzypantz (Female Human Pally) Because that was what my grandmother used to call me when I was very little.

    My sister lives in England and I am in the US. We created our characters on a free server so we could quest together.

    Rigormortis (Female Undead Warlock)
    Formeldihyde (Female Undead Rogue)

  179. Sic

    My first chars name was Sic, undead shadow priest, because its the name of the coolest song i had ever heard, and its sounds cool.
    my second char is called Hades… dunno what the hell hades is, but it was also a cool name.
    and then i got my third char which i play now, and its called Iblis.

  180. Jeremy

    Oxtail – ORC Shaman. Sounds like a Tauren name, but he’s named after his ponytail.

    Azure – Night Elf Warrior. Just a cool elvish-sounding color. Surprised it wasn’t taken.

    Messas – Tauren Druid. From ‘Mesa’

    Tomlakeshire – Human Paladin. Trying to come up with a very human name, but we can’t use spaces or extra capitalization. Last name based on well-known location in game.

    Brotherlight – Human Paladin. Teamed with my son, who plays the warrior ‘Brotherfight’

  181. Ivan

    Bits – she’s a gnome rogue, and she’s what her name sounds like
    Laserbeams – he’s a mage and that’s what he shoots
    Fray – warrior; he relishes the fray
    Feelings – priest. originally i played Feelings as a passive aggressive, whiny teen.
    Yourmother – endless unexpected hilarity in quest text, emotes, etc. She’s a hunter, and her pet’s called “You” just so that when you hover over him it says “You: Yourmother’s Pet”
    Alecbaldwin – Paladin, most dramatic actor of all time

    Feelings was the first character who I really took to cause she has character – she was originally on an RP server, and i was always able to come up with fun things to say in character. I’m a writer, so this sort of thing appeals to me.

    I don’t play characters if i don’t like the name. I’ve taken many characters upwards of level 30 only to delete them cause i decided the name was lame.

  182. Nox

    At this moment, I’m creating several WoW characters and all of names I try to use are taken (as always), example Nox (my nickname and I later found out means “darkness” Lat.), just as Rex (my first nick and my favourite)… So (as usual) I search dictionaries, mythology etc., and just bumped in to different “elven name translators” (lots of QL ideas), with name builds similar to American Indian names that include different word meanings, so that is my main source for now with latin dictionary for human names and certain combinations…

    I also like the fact that Tolkien took lots of real names like Latin (Gimli, Peregrin, Pipin, Angelica), Greek (Elanor, Pity), Welsh (Arwen, Teleri), Norse (Gandalf, Gimli), Sanskrit (Rohan), and lots of them sound “Elvish” becouse most of them were invented by Tolkien (astualy they soun Norse, Gaelic, Sanskrit, Latin… combo just more flowing).

    So I guess best deal for character name (if you want your game to look realistic on that side) is to see other character names (of those server based characters) and follow same or similar patterns (and GM-s should stick to patterns they already made, as I can see it’s not bad). And of course u should use what u like…

    In my case:

    For humans, dwarves, and undead – Latin, Greek, Norse or any other old language (words with actual meanings), also medieval english and Gaelic or mythological and historic names…

    For elves – Elf name generators or translators: (recommended!)

    trols, orcs and taurens, I don’t have any yet 😛

    Hope I helped 🙂

  183. Nox

    And I almost forgot, U can consider your character just shoving his nickname instead of real name, so whatever you name him/her and it’s not to modern or “out of age”, u’ll keep ur game reality 🙂

  184. Efimia

    Efimia-Alexina = “well spoken female forest warrior!

    Euphimia = Means “to speak well”, derived from Greek ευ “good” and φημι (phemi) “to speak”. Saint Euphemia was an early martyr who was burnt at the stake.

    Alexina = female Form of Alexander. “Helper and defender of mankind.”

  185. asd

    My Nigh Elf warrior is called Ahion.
    It reminds me of Achilles and it sounds good for a nigh elf warr. 🙂

  186. NiteBlade

    i have a lev14 cherecter name niteBlade he is a drinie

  187. Danthaman

    I have used the same 5 or 6 names over and over again because…well their my favorites.

    I have a shammy named Valritik, human priest named Mezmorize (ive used that one since EQ2), I have a BE prot pally named Trutank (used this because i got tired of people who “think” they know how to tank), I have a undead rogue named Valraven (this came from a book), and last but definately not least is my main who is a NE hunter named Thanoes (old school marvel comic book fans will recognize this one). Those are my favorites that i’ve been using for a long time. Thanks to all who have posted, interesting feedback.

  188. Wildwish

    To me the name of character is very important. I go /sigh every time I see names like Orckilla, Pwner… youve seen them all. 😛
    Some of the char names im most pleased with:
    Lindarwe: NE female hunter, came to me probably as I combined Lindir with Arwen.
    Wildwish: NE fm druid, my main, what other name could she possibly get?
    Yrcha: Orc fem Shaman – came to me as a female yrch.. I think orcs where called so in some Tolkien text I read.
    Gilyan: Human female warrior – got name from the heroine in a fantasy series.
    Aurea: Draenei fem. paladin: Well – hehe.
    Mei: Human female mage. If i would type the word mage in how it would be spelt in my language it would come out as Meich.. so.. hehe.
    Tharkas: Dwarf male hunter. Inspired by dwarf name in another fantasy novel.
    Traxa: Dwarf female hunter. Tracks-a?? 😀
    Chroma: Orc female hunter with turquoise skin and purple braid. Chroma means color in Greek. 🙂
    Nacoma: Tauren fem druid. Lovely indian name i found on some site.
    Bellemorte: Undead priest… lovely name from Laurell K Hamilton’s vampire series.

    could go on… but this was my input 🙂

  189. Wildwish

    Oh back again.

    Forgot to mention:
    Nyxx – Gnomish female warlock. The name is an abbreviation of Nyxia, night in latin? i think. Made it sound a bit more gnomish. 😀

  190. Gaara

    the best names i can think of:
    Frosthammer – male dwarf paladin
    Doomscream – orc male warlock
    Joto – male night elf hunter with white long hair (from Naruto)
    Naruto – blood elf with golden hair
    Charjella – troll female warrior (i modified charge – the warrior ability)
    Arabakonak – sounds arabic but it is a good name for draenei male warr or pala
    Bruth – orc male warr or dwarf male rogue
    Zulratha – troll female shaman or mage
    Motaro – tauren male warrior or hunter
    Selenah – Human priestess or night elf priestess
    Trubal – (modified from tribal) orc/troll/tauren male shaman
    Kembala – human female paladin or dwarf female paladin
    Punch – human male warrior
    Kurt – human male warrior or human male rogue
    Mithridon – night elf druid male or human warlock male
    That’s all for now. 😉

  191. Storm T

    Well my story is very “short and sweet.” I had left alliance on one of my servers when i decided i was tired of all the people who couldnt learn how to get along with one another, so i made a horde- of couse not on the same server. I had moved to a “party” realm or as some people called it because of all the great guilds. I had assumed it was just the opposite of my previous realm- and it was. But then i stumbled along my charecter on there. I wanted a hunter because i liked the idea of a pet but i didnt know what to name her. I wanted a name that was intresting, few people new about, and it had some history to it. So i thought for a little bit and remembered the Amazon Warriors i had studied in school once upon a time. I remembered one named Antianara, she was a great warrior and also a princess at the same time. I decided on that name because even though princessess rule some of the kingdom, most people think they sit back and do nothing when there is war but Antianara did not.

  192. realdim

    I like to use critz as an undead rogue but since it was tanken on my server already i coudn’t use it, for a warrior i would like to use rageful or handful because warriors are always a pain to take down… for a priest i like the name medic (only if your holy) i like avenged for warlocks because everytime i kill a warlock the fear me, bandage, then put alot of dots on me. i like the name realdim, just because it has never been tanken only by me (male BE hunter). I heard ealier the name Decimus, i saw that movie and i think i will choose that name. If anyone wants to add me or anything i’m on The Forgotten Coast Server (PVP) and of course i’m horde. Thanks guys for the great comments

  193. Altodar

    The same as a couple people i’ve read I’m OCD about names. If i really don’t like how the name suits the character ill reroll them or forget the name. There has only been one name I’ve ever truly liked and that’s Altodar. I have a Draenei Paladin named Altodar that I really like. I was just thinking of some good names and the name Altodar just kind of popped up in my head. It sounded like more of a holy name so I made him a paladin. I’ve come up with a couple names besides that one that I have characters with.

    Altodar – male draenei paladin

    Dakari – male night elf druid

    Krokul – male draenei shamman

    Judeh – male night elf priest

    Dalien – male human warlock

    I like hearing about other peoples names and storys behind them it’s fun and the names are cool.

  194. Josh

    i had a character named oxycontin. Tauren shaman 70 white. i named it becuase there was a time in my life where i loved painkillers and my favorite was oxycontin. my sister picked up like 700 green oc80s and i was addicted to that shit like crazy. all i could think about was oxycontin. so when i started my wow character i named him that. Later on when i quit it.(not cold turkey was to hard i weind myself off. i realized that i dont love oxycontin anymore it fucked my life alot. so now it just reminds me never to do stupid highly addictive drugs. bad reason but hopefully you guys can learn from my mistakes

  195. Calibur

    Calibur for a rogue, shadowknyte for a warrior, frozenflames for a mage, Spiritvision for a shaman,

  196. jus' a nobody

    i have a lvl 70 tauren druid named convertibull

  197. alex

    i named my undead warlock “ilovemyself”..i wonder why… 🙂

  198. Eli

    I like Adonai it means God Hebrew

  199. me

    hi i name my rogue killblack for the me rogue i am a rogue

  200. Patrick Aune

    I’ve noticed that lately the feedback has become somewhat unserious and well, crap, so I decided to share a little story about my main WoW character.

    As a lot of other WoW players, I’m a LotR (The Lord of the Rings) fan, and this has undoubtedly had some impact on my gaming. When I was making my rogue all those years ago (approx 4,5 years. Sheesh, time flies!), I was at my peak in LotR trivia knowledge, and it goes without saying that my rogue had to have some connection to this fantastic story.

    I remember I wanted to make something that didn’t appeal to everyone (like Frodopewpew, Samwise or whatever), I wanted it to appeal to a selected few, the ones that actually had read the book(s).

    I tried to remember something special about the book that didn’t have much to do with other books like The Silmarillion, because then my audience would be even smaller. I suddenly remembered that in The Two Towers movie, we get a glimpse of Arwen holding a child. We who have read the books know for a fact that this child is Eldarion, Arwen and Aragorn’ son. I had my character! I had to tweak it a little bit though, simply because I love to tell the story about how I found the name.

    The name needed some tweaking, and I thought about using the backwards version: Noiradle. It quickly became clear that this was a bit edgy, rough and not very pronouncation-friendly. It still needed work. Therefore, I took away the last (first) two letters and was left with Noirad. This is still my main character’s name, and I’ve seen several other ones pop up over the years. I like to think of them as fans of sorts, even though they’re mostly French (“noir” means “black” in French and “ad” means “to” in Latin).

    There you have it, my story about how I made the name for my character. My other characters’ names derive from Noirad, such as Nairama and Naira (female version), Chatnoir (black cat in French) etc.

    That’s all from me, I’ll keep looking to this site now and then and hope for comments on my name and updates on other names. I’m still looking for a name for my human paladin 😉

    And no, I’m not French, I’m Norwegian 🙂

  201. Louie

    yeah i have a few

    Taurminator- ofc a tauren

    Fusion- works with everythin

    Bowjob- hunter

    Orcasm- ofc an orc

    Whorde- Fmale Belf 😉

    Novari- Draenie mage (female)

    And my favorite of all…. Scrototem!! the best shaman name of all time haha rofl pwnd!

  202. james

    i like to name my characters after the type of enchants they may use… like crusaidor and i also did name my dwarf hunter… Merry with a pet called Pippin lol 🙂

  203. Blorpity Blorp

    I choose names based on whatever is of interest to me at the time usually.
    Tocdemac was a forgotten mage, and Corsican slang for “Nice!” or “Awesome!”
    Nathanrahl draws from Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, as I wanted the name of a significant but non-pivotal character, and an ace-in-the-hole, or I was just reading the series and was lazy.
    Grummy, a hunter. The name makes me laugh.
    Barackˆbama, a warrior. He’ll probably just go around trying to negotiate with people, if I ever play him. That will amuse me on some strange, inexplicable level.

  204. dylan

    i havint played the alliance in a wile but i seen a human warrior name i like chease i thott that was a funny name itell my dad named his char night elf druid name left hand but i also sa a night elf warrior name cyber hunter iv been looking at some really cool orc names for a wile i named my orc oktahr thats a true orc name i always thott the name thrall was a cool name but for a wile we been thinking of klingon names off star trek i been on yahoo ansors and i was asking people cool names for a tauren hunter snd people give me the wirdest names like hansopools or tolhedlmensyco but i think what the problem is most people who ansore to me are from other contryes like india or mexico

  205. Canicula

    I named my first character Canicula – A female gnome rogue

    The word is latin for “little bitch” Which I find appropriate because she is little…female…and being a rogue…a bitch. Made a movie about her getting the first non racial mount on my realm (look up how to get exalted with darnassus)

    On my RP realm my Orc warrior is named “Guvernor” …people shorten the name to Guv and I occasionally rp with a cockney british accent 🙂

  206. Euan Clark

    I was born and raised in Scotland. I have been playing WoW for around 1.5 years now and so far my character’s names are;

    Varlan (Dwarf Hunter)

    Banter (Human Priest)

    Chib (Dwarf Rogue)

    Minstrel (Gnome Warlock)

    Scunner (Dwarf Warrior)

    Blasphemer (Soon to be a Dwarf Death Knight)

  207. Ivan

    Well, its good to see that so many people share my enthusiasm when creating names for their characters :). i have 15 characters on WOW and most of which im pretty sure i created myself. ive never heard most of them anyway. they are as follows:
    Night Elf Druid-Zarnivose
    Blood Elf Mage-Avendrys
    Human Priest-Raydonia
    Troll Shaman-Gortlok
    Dwarf Warrior-Nymphus
    Draenei Priest-Valdemont
    Gnome Rogue-Cryognome(just for fun)
    Human Warlock-Ixchelle
    Draenei Paladin-Kalya
    Night Elf Rogue-Kronicore
    Dwarf Hunter-Kraythor
    Tauren Druid-Arpegiose
    Blood Elf Hunter-Serynia
    Orc Warrior-Orcamamnon
    Troll Warrior-Zinzarmok
    Undead Rogue-Ectomork
    I dont really like to come up with names that relate to anything other than the characters themselves. I choose names that I feel best suit the character for what it is and just names that i really like. Sometimes i will sit for long periods of time just to come up with a new name. It’s a time consuming process sometimes XD (it is with me anyway). Well i hope ive enfluenced your toon naming in a positive way and that ive helped out.

    Best Regards,
    P.S.- if anyone who reads this wants to meet up on WOW sometime and kick some serious butt or just need help, im on the realm called Anetheron most of time with the character called Zarnivose. He’s my main :).

  208. mat

    I used to have a troll hunter (he got deleted by my friend) named Atal’alarion because troll names have two syllables this name actually has a meaning and it means Devoted Guardian, I chose this because i always helped out people in trouble.

  209. Decimater_77388

    Just some random names here

    Taurens: shaman- Zeroxsis
    warrior- Taition
    druid- Conformition
    death knight- Kilaminjaro
    priest- Egnaro (orange backwards)
    hunter- Dedeen (needed backwards)

    Basically all you truly have to do is take anyword you want aus it backwards an it usually sounds good for a world of warcraft name.

  210. Amilleo

    My first WoW character’s name was Amilleo…”the almighty duckman” I know everyone has seen Night at the Roxbury. AND I WAS LIKE AMILLEOOOOOO!!! was that richard greicho.

  211. DrÊnËi

    Hi, my characters name is DrÊnËi…
    the symbols and accents are called ALT CODES
    alt codes only work from the number pad

    press alt (keep pressing alt) then press 0230 on the number pad
    press alt (keep pressing alt) then press 0232 on the number pad

    its a very unique name if i do say so myself
    oh yes.. i am an active wow player in the realm of arathor… i am 13 year old

  212. H?rt

    My first wow name was BBribs (tauren male hunter) but then I thought of simple names like hurt or destroy… So I tried them both and in the end my orc warrior became H?rt it sounds perfect for a warrior. lol

  213. TheRedViola

    Raynion – (A blood elf Paladin and blood elf Death Knight)A name that I picked quite randomly. His full name is “Raynion ‘Dragon’s Wrath’ Magnus.” The nickname was given to him by Lady Liadrin, but he simply goes by Raynion now.

    Darkanima – (An Undead Warlock)Raynion’s nemesis, and fallen friend. Dark used to be the paladin known as Jeal, but Jeal fell to darker forces and everything about him changed.

    Eyvie – (A Night Elf Druid)Thought the name “Eyvie” for a night elf was a cute play-on-letters.

  214. Chelsea

    I named my Blood Elf Priest Zielinde but with two dots on each of the e’s
    theres no reason what so ever.

  215. nathan

    i got a thew names like:
    krasp (blood elf paladin) – 65
    kattaru (tauren shaman) – 80
    dr·vok (orc shaman) – 30
    gravok (orc deathknight) – 80
    scrar (orc hunter) – 70
    korth (orc warrior) – 70
    nabbo (bloodelf deathknight) – 58
    shrÌne (bloodelf rouge) – 27

    these are all the characters i have made

  216. hirschey bar

    I started playing wow in november yes I’m a noon but I was wondering if there are troll death nights idk this cuz I got grounded for bad grades and then my family couldn’t afford the Internet bill and the my comp had 2 much mmry on it so I finally got the money to buy 1 and I just got my internet back. So I’m hopefully goinging to playing this week …the reason I wanted to know the is there a troll death night thing is because I have a 45 troll hunter and when I stopes playing the expansion hasent come out yet …………………o yeah a good name is Slash I got the name from guns n roses guitar player back then b4. They broke up.

  217. […] jill/txt ¬ª names in world of warcraft … Hagstr??m, is researching naming in World of Warcraft. … as it sounds/looks cool and is a Rogue ability … up on a whim – I just wanted a Tauren Hunter to have a cow with a pet … […]

  218. hirschey bar

    I’m tank

  219. Robert

    Baldurx is my wow character name, Baldur comes from norse mythology. I first learned about in when I did a project for mythology class. it means “Slaughtered son” and My toon is a warrior, I thought they both went together well.

  220. Z

    My first toon was named after my truck and my name combined as I got frustrated with all the cool names I picked being taken.

    I have an undead named Decomp, the name just seemed fitting with him being undead and all.

    I have another toon named Cadfael meaning Prince of Battle in Welsh (since my family is Welsh)

  221. Amy

    I really enjoy reading the back-stories to their characters names. Very interesting:) Although this is an old thread I might as well put my charcters name up too.

    Siwon – the Draenei shammy. My first character since I quit a couple years. Was pretty difficult to find a name because I know how important it is to have a great name while leveling;) well, I named it Siwon because I wanted part of my … Korean culture to be part of it, hehe. Most people don’t really know that’s a prety common Korean name (like one member of SuJu) and fell in love with it after my baby cousin was born and named.

    I have a couple other characters like a draenei warrior named jungmi (uncle named it after my aunt), Kienia (which sorts just came to me), Artrics (after my bboy friends nickname:) ), and Kiruge (named after my old mmorpg friend).

    Hehe I realize most names sound elvish or after mytholgy-type names, but I didn’t really base mine off that kind. You can make perfectly fine names without smooshing together two words too;P

  222. jack

    I have a orc warrior called CHAMPORC i love the name
    Also you can add weapons with actions like:

    or you can have fraction names like :
    allaince killer
    horde master
    thralls dad 😛

  223. Purple Kity Byrd Gank

    I have an Ally character name Whordesux and an alt name killorkz.

  224. Anonymous

    Bronor Sound good for a dwarf

  225. Rawr

    Amunra – Night elf Druid
    Moonfire – night elf Druid
    Eviscerape – undead rogue
    Nightfall – night elf hunter
    Deathmoonz – night elf Druid
    Kalikia – Dreanei shaman
    Grim – undead rogue
    Detox – undead warlock
    Thrlana – blood elf mage
    Meerluv – blood elf priest
    Tsaikun – blood elf paladin
    Parts ( just for fun get the rank private, Private parts. xD)
    Azrael – human priest

  226. Rompa di

    Hey, i got two good gnome male mage names here 😛

    Xavion (sounds a little bit frosty, but very cool)

    Nimblo (that is what my main mage is called, i love it)

    Hope this can help 😀

    BTW! there is not one with a good dwarf male paladin name here!

  227. David

    Blader-Dreanei Warrior-80lvl
    Terorblade-Dreanei Shaman-80lvl
    Halfblade-Dreanei Prist-80lvl
    Fullblade-Dreanei Paladin-80lvl
    Nightblade-Dreanei Mage-80lvl
    Bigblade-Dreanei Hunter-80lvl

  228. Mike

    All my characters names originated with characters or NPC’s from various Dungeon & Dragons campaigns that I’ve participated in over the last 30 years. Each name I choose to use in WoW had to have two characteristics: 1) it had be easy to pronouce and to turn into a nickname so people could easily type and remember. 2)Wanted it to fit race and class.

    Bregginkrak – Dwarf Protection Warrior. (Bregg) Say it with a Scottish brouge and roll the r’s and tell me that doesn’t sound dwarvin.

    Winehardt – Human Priest. (Wine)

    Skymetal – Draenei Shammy. (Sky)

  229. Wireball

    I use – If I want a name that means something, I can search on there. For example, searching for “lightning” gave me “Borak” – apparently the name of a magical horse in Arabic legend, but it sounds good for a Dwarf warrior name.

    Other character names:

    Darius (Dars?). Pronounced DARE-ee-us. Good name for a warrior. Of Greek and Persian origin. Historical: Darius the Great, a renowned king of Babylon.

    Valera (or Val). Of latin origin, variant of Valentina, meaning strong or healthy. Sounds like “Valkyrie”, with obvious meaning, and “Valora”, which means brave, courageous.

    Wireball (Wire). Ball of wire. Taken from the first computer I built, and my semi-unique online alias.

    So, the request for submissions was over three years ago. You must have finished the article. May we please see it, if possible?

  230. Moose

    On World of Warcraft I have had my main character for a little over 4 years now, transferred him around servers twice and still keep the same name.


    I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to be I first started. To be honest, I had no intention of playing for more than a few months. However like it has to millions others, I was swept into the MMO fad.

    The name came to me because during the time I was starting up I just started my senior year of high school and my girlfriend at the time went off to college in NYC, I had to find something to occupy my time. I was probably on the phone with my girlfriend when creating the character because my nickname in high school and my pet name from my girlfriend was Moose. I choose to pick a giant Tauren (minotaur-esk) because he was a big cow, couldn’t argue with that, and the word Moose fit so well. However Moose was taken and I figured since he was an avatar in a game and I am THE Moose I figured The Spawn of Moose would be suitable… but ‘the’ wouldnt fit so Spawnofmoose worked out well.

  231. thomas p. cook

    Wariorc – to leave no doubt about his avocation/heritage ie: anger management/Bovinae

    Vidocq – as a true Rogue i must honor the S?retÈ heh heh

    Nippon – for my death-dealing hunter. it means “game over”.

    Cosmoz – ahem, to show which neck of the woods he rules. ;-?

    Centac – DK, nice sounding for a now defunct/obscure government agency. that never lost a case…

  232. Janine

    Yesterday I saw a hunter, who’s name was Imeasytikill.
    Hiss pet name was Imeasier.
    Everytime I see them I start to laugh.
    Maybe thats a nice name for hunters.

    My character name is Briggs, cos I used to live in Bishopbriggs.
    Bishopbriggs is awesome..

  233. Nate

    Gomerlock – Gnome Warlock
    Zabre – Gnome Mage
    Zargon – Tauren Death Knight

  234. Micki

    haha, i made a death knight then wotlk came out, so i thought “I’m gonna make a Death knight as fast as possible” so i just though “i always wanted to kill Illidan so, the first name that came in my mind was something with illidan, and senc i wanted to kill him, why not Deathillidan? That’s might the worst name i ever named a character, and i dont wanna rename him, waste of money if you ask me, but i got a few names to widrew too.
    1. Adreal = Tauren female, i took it becouse it’s sounds like a female, and senc i play horde, only taurens can be druids.
    2. Stormrage = Blood elf male (tank) i took that name too becouse it’s something with rage and warrior tank’s need rage, so it should organilly been a warrior tank:) but i just think it sounds awsome.

  235. Terratorra

    I am more of an “original” type of toon namer. I find if you look around World Of Warcraft, make a chart that is from A-Z, then rack your brain for names upon sub-topics like swiftness/agility,leadership/power,power/strength,ETC. Like the name I gave myself for this post “terratorra” which ingame is a dwarf, therefore I tweaked the word “terre” (earth in French) into terra and then used another word that kind of flows with the word. Or use cool things that work well after alot of things like in the name Avalace it would be -ace or in mistalon (pronounced mist-a-lohn) it would be -talon or things at the start of the word like in mistalon it could also be something like nistalon; tweaking names you have already made as well.. Hope this helps 😛

  236. D Kang

    I like to choose names based on how people view me, which isn’t much but my IGN’s are Azntourist~thought of it when i was traveling to Arizona for summer to visit family, BloodyKorean, BloodyAznGod, and things along those lines because most people at school say I’m very negative and emo but I don’t cut, but anyhow these names are pretty universal for any game I play. I didn’t so much as play World of Warcraft on retail but I did on private servers and I did use these names for basically any character I created first.

  237. Mad God

    I find that names are very important, like the name I used here. Mad god is one that I love and have used in many different places. On my first day (yesterday >.>;) I almost wanted to quit because I couldn’t name my first character Mad God or even Maddie. I ended up searching and searching and finally came up with GemÊdde, meaning “out of one’s mind”. ^_^ I was so happy.
    Now, I only made one other character. Habristiel is her name and she is a Night Elf. I simply googled and came up with an Elvish translation of my own rl name. :3
    I forget if I had a point or not… Anyways, naming can be easy and fun! Just use your imagination!

  238. Ama3on

    WELL I just got some of them

    -paladain (paladin)
    -sirpwnzalot(a good pwnzalot)

    Thats it 😛

  239. Tyler Anonymous

    Well, My first character was named: Ysuuran, Male Night Elf; Druid. Because i had played a game called Baulders Gate: And they’re was a Moon Elf Necromancer with the name, Get it Night elf, moon elf. Then I had made a Female Human rogue named Sackstabber, Hehehe. Rogues gotta have funny names eh? And LAST but not LEAST my Male Dwarf Priest was named Fin·l, Who I plan on making an Undead asap. Because I’ma hardcore 2v2 arena junkie, My Rogue 2v2 partner of whom ive gotten 3 title/mounts with is named De·th. Fin·l De·th. We met back questing through shadowmoon when BC had came out. :). I’ve spent money JUST to fly to canada to see him in person and hes GREAT AT BEER PONG XD

  240. Junius

    The name I give to my characters depends on what my character is.
    The Race and Faction are really important for a name, class is less.
    The attitude of the Race should be expressed in the name.

    I’ll give an example:
    The orc
    I’ll give him a name like Guzak, cruznak , Crezok (with C and Z mostly)
    Why the ‘Z’ and ‘G’? cause it’s sounds tough, like an orc.
    A Tauren isn’t really the thing who would crush things with strenght, but with wisdom, that’s why I wuld give them names to that. Also cause they are a race who loves the nature I give them names like; Briznok, Alnor.
    The Name should sound tough, but also wise!
    An Undead should sound cruel, Like the name I gave him “Crazl” .
    I don’t have a troll cause I don’t like them, but there name should give them speed or something ??
    A blood elf is also a wise but certain about himself. Give a name that sounds like that.

    Night Elf: They are a light and very wise and old race. Names with ‘A’s adn ‘L’s are good for them.
    Those look wise and flexible like a night elf.
    Dwarf: Also a tough race. Not really so wise but very old. They look stubbern
    Human: these are we so A real old name like Lohn, Jeanke, hendrik,…
    I like those names. They’re funny 😀
    Dreanei: An old and ancint race. They are wise, proud and look tough. Like the name of ther race suggests, give them a ‘D’ in their name. Like Daran, Dreavor, Ledran,…
    I don’t have a Gnome cause they are stupid, like the trolls of the horde.

    I Truly hate names like IpwnU, IkilledU etc.
    Also names the TheKiller and TheDarkOne etc are stupid as wel.
    In real live, no-one has the name like that.

    They’re a title, not a name.

    I hope you can do something with it

  241. James

    My orc deathknight’s name is Ulgammathar in World of Warcraft. I used to play on the alliance with a guy named Paladinsmash. Paladinsmash was infamous for killing players exclusively in Icecrown on my server. The horde hated him very much. Many guilds were dedicated in hunting him down, and many a city raid were thwarted by Paladinsmash. Horde players would yell his name to one another. PALADINSMASH! But whenever an alliance player heard this, it read: ULGAMMATHAR! When I switched back to the horde I wanted to pay homage to one of the better people I met on World of Warcraft. I thought it sounded like a title given to a demon or monster of great power and immense hatred towards the horde by the orcs.

  242. Desislava

    I got few:

    Holysweet – Draenei or Night Elf priest

    Talasum – Undead lock

    Snowslide – Draenei DK

    Outofmana – Undead priest

  243. Jessica

    My 3 main characters:

    Blood Elf Paladin named Jessalicious
    Blood Elf Death Knight named Deathkniight
    Tauren Hunter named MsMooMoo

    The Hunter was my first toon & my first 80. I named her MsMooMoo because she is a Ms. & Taurens are Cows so they go Moo. Get it.. MsMooMoo (For anyone on Ysera realm. I am NO relation to Hemoomoo & Shemoomoo. I have had my name since game launch. My husband and I are THE original moomoo’s!)

    My Death Knight was my second 80. I couldn’t think of a good name for her, so I grabbed the name Deathkniight. Not very original, I’m aware, but at the time, it’s the best I could do.

    My Paladin’s name is Jessalicious. She was my third 80. I got her name from my blog. My blog is & I thought that Jessalicious was a good name for a toon, especially a paladin (since my pally is holy).

    There are the names of my 3 80 toons. Look me up if you play on Ysera!

  244. oscar

    ok i am doing an lvl 19 twink rouge female night elf and dont whant a name like carazakili bla bla more like nightblade ore somfing that means somfing . =D PLZ help me and it can be fun

  245. Jonis

    My name is Jonathan and nickname is Jonis (not from the Jonis brothers). Jonis was taken so i used JonLs, with a lower case L – Jonls for my Hunter. Back in the day when we played Goldeneye for Nintendo 64 i would always use Boris Greshenko the computer hacker, so my Human Warlock is named Borls since Boris was taken 🙂

  246. Exxodus

    My 1st charr ever was named Exxodus, and he was a blood elf paladin. I picked the name ‘cuz i jus’ thought it fits a belf pally, and afterwards he was known as “Exxodus the Explorer” of the Guild “Eternity of Endings”. Then i got sick of all the “E-s” so i made a hum. rogue and named him Larry 😛

  247. Blackblood

    My orc hunter is named Strawdog after Black Bloods men from ABC warriors….2000AD and my Death Knight is named Black Blood which not many ppl know alot about that i have meet, otherwise i have forgotten my D&D characters name been so long ago now lol

  248. Ryan

    Ooh I stumbled across this article while deliberating on a name for my next toon. I too have been role playing for many many years but unlike most of the people here I started out in the Star Trek fandom and stayed there for about 10 years doing forum, chat, and email based role playing. Eventually I branched out into fantasy and then I was introduced to world of war craft. Usually when I pick a name I put a bit of research into it. I find out names that are considered “traditional” to the race I am creating based on lore from the Warcraft empire as well as other fantasy story lines. I usually wind up giving it my own twist. For example Gal’fon is my Troll mage (I couldn’t use the ‘ in WoW of course so it’s actually Galfon) which means Gal the Outcast more or less (from what I could tell anyway). Sometimes I just use the random name generator until it lands on something that inspires me to create a name similar to it.

  249. Blah

    lol… the way i think up of names is looking round the room. i once called my undead rogue , Basket, lol 😛 and my Tauren Druid, Mooseinatree, for obv reasons… moose-looks like a tauren.. :L kinda 😛 tree- druids.. i guess.. haha
    and my mage i called him Highlighter… only thing i cud think ove … that was right in front of me.. C: … so… my advice to you ove thinking of a name is.. walk around your house.. and look and somthing and then another.. and mix it around for example.. Err.. Head Of Somthing? Set Of Somthing?… there you go… lol Headset… mebbe a hunter i guess… Urm… or.. oh idk lol.. or mayb look at the colour of the skin? orc-Nosepicker…boogle..? LOL…

  250. Silverfire

    My character is called Silverfire, because I’m an aries and our element is fire and my character’s hair is white/silver

  251. Seeker

    Good name for a any race death knight would be the one and only…..



  252. Naeniia :)

    Hi there 🙂 Well, I guess I’ll just start out with a little background story. The first time I was ever introduced into the game World of Warcraft I was about seven or eight years old. My brother had started playing and he named his Night Elf priest “Nikko” which is his own name already. From then on I had started watching him play everyday (An early addiction I suppose?) and I thought it was the coolest game ever. Five years later I get the game for myself 🙂
    I named my first toon “Gwendelen” after the first time I ever attempted to play WoW, she is a dranaei shaman that got me to level 55, which resulted in me making a Death Knight. I was looking around on the internet and came across a goddess named “Naenia”, she is a Roman Goddess of funerals, and I thought that the name was fitting considering that I was making a “DEATH” knight, and ended up actually putting one more ‘i’ into the name because it was already taken on my realm. Naeniia has just reached level 80, woot! 🙂 Though I don’t necessarily like names that are just words thrown together, I’m guilty of having a level 40 priest named “Bonesmashah”. I only named her this because previously that day I had boredly followed my friend to Stranglethron Vale and we were saying that we should make another character. Seeing that my Death Knight’s ghoul was named ‘Bonesmasher’ my friend told me to name my new character that, but I changed the name up, and gave it to a priest because I thought it was funny, and not at all fitting for the class 🙂 Soon I had looked into making blood elves, because I think they’re just darned cute ^_^ My first blood elf is a level 22 warlock named “Sardonyx”. I named her this because there’s actually a gem called this, it’s an onyx (which are usually dark black) that’s the color red; I thought it was fitting because first of all, she was a “BLOOD” elf, and their background story has a dark past, yet they are of blood. And second of all, I gave her red hair, and it just seemed very fitting. Around this time as well I made a few other toons; I named a Gnome Mage “Huugz” After remembering that my brother had named his this (It just reminds me of the good ol’ times! 🙂 ), and a Night Elf Druid “Auroraii” Because I had first made a trial account before getting my actual account, and ended up meeting one of my now good friends (and Guildmaster) on this toon. Currently I’m working on a level 10 Blood Elf named “Alaula”, she is a hunter. The name is Hawaiian and is basically referring to ‘The light of the early dawn; the light of the sunset’ but literally it means ‘flaming road’. I think that it’s a beautiful name, and now that I think about it, the class of the hunter probably isn’t a rough one, hence the ‘flaming road’ 🙂 I named her pet “Lolani”. I got this name from the Hawaiian name ‘Halolani’ it means ‘to move quietly’ , but because her pet is a girl, I thought the name sounded a little too masculine, and dropped the ‘Ha’ and kept “Lolani”.
    Just like many people have said through their stories, I’m very strict about the names of my toons; and if when playing them, that I don’t like being referred to as whatever they call me I’ll usually drop the character and make a new one. Anyways, I hope you guys found my stories interesting! Good luck 🙂

    (Realm : Ysondre)

  253. Matilda

    My character are mostl named after something that happened to me over the day. For example: my 80 palading blood elf is named Zois. That day I had eaten a japanese candy called Zois.
    My nother character 78 hunter night elf is named Nangiala after a horse i rode on my ridinig camp I had just came home from the other day.
    I also think about what my “nick name” will be in groups and raids. Like for my toon Nangiala, she is called Nagni in vent, groups or raids.

    -Zois or Nangiala from Shattered Hand

  254. Melissa

    I started playing WoW at about the age of 9/10 (it was a long time ago xP) I started playing ’cause my brother did and it looked fun. I had two gnomes (I love them – they’re so cute I don’t care if other people hate ’em!) Melly – mage and Mimmy – warrior, I think they are really sweet names for gnomes:). But when I got my own account my brother deleted Melly & Mimmy :'(! So now my characters are:
    Gwenie – female Belf Rouge (I also like Gweneth for a Belf aswell :D)
    Melindia – female Nelf Priest (I think its a beautiful name for a Nelf

  255. steven

    when i first got my death knight it took me a while to think of a name for him but then i thought about how he died it was by the plague and then he was dead then back alive so he fliped over so i called him plagueflip

  256. Lydia

    I have been playing wow for about two years now and at first had trouble thinking of names. I started out with a human warrior by the name of Lydiad, which is just my own name. After playing for a while I got into the old world mythical feel of the game, I looked into Greek mythology and came across some new ideas. For my human mage I chose the name Celosia which in Greek means Flaming/Burning, I found it somewhat appropriate for that class. As for my dwarf pally I chose Bernia which in Greek means battle maiden again I found this name appropriate for the class and race:D hope this helps!

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