american mothers use google rather than go to the doctor because it costs $300 to go to the emergency room – WITH insurance!

A woman in the audience at the healthcare and mommyblogging panel I somehow walked into here at BlogHer ’09 just stood up and said that she’ll use google rather than go to a doctor simply because of the cost of healthcare. Her family has “good” insurance but it still costs them $300 to take a child to the ER!!! And more to go to the pediatrician.

Could I just say that the more I hear about the US health system the more horrified I am. And even more horrified that so many Americans, despite this, are against universal health care for everyone.

I genuinely don’t understand how Americans can think that free or close-to-free, universal healthcare as most other Western democracies have is a bad thing.

25. July 2009 by Jill

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