facebook celebrity frenzy in norway

Either I was gone or I simply didn’t notice the front page of one of Norway’s biggest tabloids the other day: thankfully Kristine Lowe captured this ridiculous story, simply showing the connections between celebrities who have Facebook profiles:

(Photos by Kristine Lowe; this was probably from May 12?)

Has Facebook been the front page story in any other country? I think that Facebook was so well established as a student-network in other countries that journalists, lawyers and “celebrities” would be as unlikely to use it as to go to a student party or visit the student residences. But because Norway wasn’t in Facebook at all until after they opened it up to non-students and to all countries in September 2006, it’s simply not specifically a student network for us Norwegians. Sure, for those of us connected with universities it’s very obviously tailored for students, but if you sign up in the Norway network, or in no network, you might never realise that. Well. You might wonder why your privacy settings determine whether or not faculty or undergrads can see you, but whatever.

It’s interesting how social networks can develop very differently in different contexts. Was it Orkut that took off in Brazil? Now apparently quarter of a million Norwegians are on Facebook. That’s 5.5% of all Norwegians! That’s an astoundingly rapid adoption.

The media buzz here in Norway, then, is that “celebrities” are using Facebook. There was even a story about a fake Ane Dahl Torp profile that fooled her “real” friends into accepting her invitation to be Facebook friends – until they noticed that she was adding friends on Facebook at the same time as she was on live TV. That’s when they told the real Ane Dahl Torp.

22. May 2007 by Jill

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