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Interesting uses of Twitter:

  • Attendees of SWSX can send the text JOIN SWSX to a number and have their twitters shown on a large screen during the conference – or, I imagine, subscribe to all conference tweets as SMSes sent to their phone. Will this be open to other conference organisers I wonder?
  • John Edwards is using it. I noticed the BBC is too, sending out news items, but there were so many I removed them from my feed – it spoiled the feel of it for me.

I’ve been using it sort of consistently for two days now and have to admit there’s something very satisfying about logging your days like that and seeing what others are up to. It’s a blog at a different scale than this one, in a way, very short posts, but far more frequent. It’s me from a rather different perspective, I suppose, which is interesting.

Knowing how I usually love and then get sick of such logging things I doubt I’ll do this for ever, though. Though who knows.

09. March 2007 by Jill
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