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I’ve been using Twitter today, and as in the early days of blogging, half the posts seem to be thinking about the technology itself. It’s kind of fun, to be honest, though I suspect it might not be sustainable.

So what is Twitter? Well, it’s sort of like a blog that’s all short (max 140 character) posts. Your stream is merged with your friends, and people can subscribe to other people’s feeds. You can have your friends’ messages – or “tweets” – sent to your phone as SMSes (for free unless you pay for incoming SMSes) and you can SMS Twitter, or deal with it through an IM.

I’ve noticed very different ways of thinking about Twitter. Liz Lawley, for instance, sees it as a presence marker that supports social relationships when people can’t actually spend enough time together. So she only “friends” people she actually has relationships with. Robert Scoble, on the other hand, befriends people madly and has 800 or so friends – basically he reads (or scans) everyone who reads his feed. He’s a good scanner. And he says he uses Twitter to pick up trends – not at all the same use as Liz, in other words. I wonder whether there are even more options?

07. March 2007 by Jill
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