[Update: You might also be interested in my posts on lonelygirl15 – commodification of a social space? (Sept 13) and why they get upset about fictions (Sept 12)]
Anders asked, as an aside, what I thought LonelyGirl15 was about. Lonelygirl15? Oh no, not another viral thing I’ve not even heard of – how sad is that, when a new media researcher can’t even keep up with the latest viral narrative? Anyway, a google quickly gets some answers. Here’s a resumÈ of the story by a fellow mockumentary maker, and a newspaper article arguing that Lonelygirl15 is presumably a viral marketing ploy. Basically this is a purportedly real video diary on YouTube, that ran in early August, where cute, homeschooled Lonelygirl15 talks about Daniel, this guy who has a crush on her, or she on him or something (I’ll watch it later, after I write some more reports). Other YouTubers have responded with their own videos – some arguing that she’s a hoax, others defending her as the real thing. Some of the defenders and critics might also be hoaxes, of course (like the guy in the video below with the cowboy hat – he can’t be for real, surely? the lighting’s too bad!), but however that works out, they’re now parts of her story.

05. September 2006 by Jill

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