Web students in room 124 at Sydneshaugen skole
I enjoy seminars. I like being able to talk with the students rather than to them, I like learning to know them as individuals and I like seeing them hunkering down together and getting stuff done. I really enjoy the discussions we get going as well.

Here’s “Seminar 1” in HUIN105, the course on web design and interpretation I’m teaching this spring. There are lots of students, because the course is open, which means we have a very lively group and unfortunately not quite as much space as would be ideal. This is half of the class: other half of the class will be in seminar 2 tomorrow, doing the same stuff as these students did today, and they’re also split into four tutorials. Oh, and then there are plenary lectures for everyone, once a week. The first one had a few technical problems, but good points as well 😉

6 thoughts on “first seminar

  1. topsecret

    This post is up twice — I like the one with the big picutre better than the one wiht the small picture.

  2. Jill

    Oh, I see! I thought I’d edited, but in fact I’d added. Thanks, I’ll delete the other one.

  3. Niels

    I’m just curious (nosy, so to say).

    What’s your course about?
    “Webdesign & interpretation” is quite a broad concept.


  4. Niels

    Hm, I found the course-blog, but still, my knowledge of Norwegian isn’t what it should be… (hm)

  5. Elin

    Oh, look! Aren’t they cute… Bergen students rock!

  6. Jill

    They look different from US students?

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