reflection.jpg Today it rained, or rather, it misted, soft drops of moisture hanging in the air. They call it yr in Norwegian. The same word describes the excitement of springtime: blood rushing through the veins, the desire to live and love. Walking through the park means walking through tunnels of vibrant orange and sudden yellow, boots on bright brown leaves covering the gravel path. Even puddles are pools of fascinating colour. If you stop and look.

6 thoughts on “reflection

  1. weez


    So glad you got that camera.

  2. Jill

    Thanks! And yes, I’m glad too. It comes everywhere with me and I really do stop and look more, having the camera….

  3. weez

    There is a nice parallel between the visuals and the writings. Small moments, carefully limited in scope, that are open ended. A presentation of some choice elements and means for the viewer/reader to interpret them…plus the snapshot quality also applies.

    Is that the nature of blog? Not always.

  4. Francois Lachance

    If it were not for the mention of rain in the accompanying verbal text I would have interpreted the visual text as a composite composition because the leaves seem to fall from the sky.

    A Jill from Norway coffee table book? A project for after the defense šŸ™‚

    Blog style — has anyone written a script where the images in a blog database could be browsed via a “gallery” interface? I don’t meean photo blogs. I mean something like the generation of a list of links as per subject classification which Jill does do with “images” but one step further auto-generation of thumbnails…

  5. elin

    That is a neat idea, Francois

    I love the colors in this picture. Ack! Wish I had time to do a little photo snapping:-)

  6. GĀÆran

    I love your writing Jill, very refreshing.

    Thank you.

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