Look at this! I think that the symbols on the blue banner, to the left of the word “Blogging”, may spell out my name. Or part of my name.
me and my book in Korean
Does anyone read Korean? I can’t even figure out how to google to find out whether there’s a Korean webpage about the book. Silly illiterate Westerner.

5 thoughts on “my book has been published in korean!

  1. Charles

    Korean is alphabetic, and the sounds to the left of blogging look like “bul lo ging” (or “pul lo king” to me. So it’s a phonetic rendition of Blogging.

  2. Knud

    Oh, how cool! Korean is a phonetic script like our Latin script, so you could look up in a table how to pronounce those characters. That would give you an indication of whether or not it is your name.

    E.g.,: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/korean.htm

  3. Mikhail Pushkin

    Looks like so much fun! Nice see the book catching on so well internationally, how many languages so far?

  4. Konrad M. Lawson

    Hei Jill,

    Linn S. pointed out your posting to me but I am much delayed in visiting the link.

    Congratulations on the translation of your book into Korean. The word to the left of BLOGGING is 블로깅 or beul-lo-ging (blogging).

    Your book is currently the #1 hit for “블로깅” (Blogging) when you search on Kyobo, the equivalent of Amazon Books in Korea (but not 블로그, the Korean word for “Blog”) and the largest bookseller in the country. Your book is selling there for 13,000 won (ca. 67 kr) which I’d say is pretty standard for mass market paperback books. It came out 11th December last year.

    ISBN 13 9788957112533
    ISBN 10 8957112537

    This is the book display on Kyobo Academy (The regular Kyobo bookstore, like many Korean websites, only works properly in Internet Explorer so I couldn’t reach it):


    The full title is: 블로깅: 블로그학 개론
    I don’t know what the original title of your book is but I guess a translation would be: “Blogging: An [introduction to|survey of] [the study of|the practice of] the blog”

    Your name transliterated in Korean for the book is:
    질 워커 레트버그
    Transliterated back using the new 2000 romanization system:

    질 jil
    워커 wokeo (sounds something like “walkaw”)
    레트버그 reteubeogeu (umm….hard to explain how it sounds in words, maybe forvo.com can help you)

    Your books is also already available on the Bookoa secondary market website selling used for 4-5000 won (ca. 21-26 kr):

    블로깅(BLOGGING) : 블로그학 개론
    컴퓨터 > 기타컴퓨터서적
    질 워커 레트버그

  5. luke patterson

    It says 블로깅, which is the title of your book ^__^.
    Which I’m sure someone said already.

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