I drawing I did of my hand, drawing, long ago, when I was nineteen. My new computer finally arrived, and I’ve spent every spare hour creating it in my image: adding my photos, my documents, my friends, my connections, my links, my colours, my appointments, my preferences. It can talk with my phone so now my phone knows my life as well. I use my keyboard, camera and pencil to describe myself in words and images, in connections and preferences: This is me, I say, this is how I see myself. This is how I experience the world.

4 thoughts on “making it mine

  1. Eivind

    Congratulations with your new computer – hope it has understood how you like it by now 🙂

  2. Jon

    Lucky you! You probably got Panther installed when you bought it. I bought mine 5 days too early to get on that wagon 🙁

  3. Henning

    A friend of mine just got his 12 inch from Apple. It looks really, really good! I was surprised to see that it is even smaller than the iBook. Sturdy case. Cool design.

    One can’t help but feel materialistic and perhaps a bit shallow, but having a new mac is satisfying! That is how I feel about it anyways. Don’t know how others feel about it…

  4. jon

    I have one of these and it’s a fabulous workhorse. It does get a bit hot on the left-hand side. But under Panter I am getting battery times of over 3.5 hours.

    It’s great using the PB in the classroom. I tend to use Tinderbox for seminar work, negotiating my way around material in Map View. It’s much more flexible for teaching Literature, essay writing, and Creative Writing than Keynote or Word.

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