My friend, colleague and fellow Bergen resident Jon Hoem has started writing a blog in English alongside his longstanding Norwegian one, and has also restated his PhD project to be about personal publication, especially looking at blogs and wikis and what happens when sounds and video is added to them. Excellent!

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  1. creativity/machine

    Blogroll Roundup
    I’ve just added a few new blogs to my blogroll, and I decided I should attempt to annotate at least these new listings. Via Jill/txt I found Jon Hoem’s Diablog, a PhD blog on self-publishing, education, and the technologies that go with all that. Quite…

  2. Mathemagenic

    Diablog by Jon Hoem
    Jill Walker points to another “PhD on weblogs” weblog in English 🙂 Diablog by Jon Hoem.

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