My friend ordered an iPod online and said yes when the computer asked him if he’d like an inscription on his iPod. He typed in “This pod belongs to…” in Norwegian, of course, and of course, that involves the letter ¯. Which came out as a question mark in the inscription. Denne pod’en tilh?rer… Professional, no?

Yes, I desperately want an iPod. That’s why I keep writing about them. I’ll not bother with the inscription, though.

8 thoughts on “inscription

  1. jon

    I’m in the “desperately wanting” category of iPod fans too.
    One of my colleagues was showing me her new 15 GB iPod yesterday. She and her husband just treated themselves to one each. Apparently all he does is stare at his iPod in disbelief at the moment.

  2. fivecats

    Keep in mind there’s a class action lawsuit against Apple concerning the iPod. (

    Turns out the rechargeable battery (a) has a limited lifespan and (b) isn’t replaceable. (At least, not yet)

    On the other hand, my 40 GIG iPod is a great toy. I listen to it while I’m at the gym through headphones and at home I have it plugged into it’s cradle in our bedroom attached to speakers on either side of our bed. It will be nice while it lasts.

  3. Jill

    There’s class action? I remember the media jamming about the low battery life, but then Apple started selling cheaper batteries, and claimed to have started doing so before the complaints came in. Here’s my November 28 post on it all, read the comments.

  4. Anne

    I’d love an iPod, but for right now I’ve go to wait and save.

  5. fivecats

    Oh. Well, if you want to get all up-to-date on me, fine. 🙂

    Oops. Sorry. Guess I’m more behind the times than I thought.

  6. Jill

    Heh 🙂

    Well but Fivecats, the article you linked was just a few days old. So perhaps there’s class action despite apple’s something-or-other.

  7. Elin

    I really don’t get it. What is so cool about the ipods, apart from the shiny colors? I don’t want one. I don’t want one. I don’t want one:-)

  8. Frank

    You can replace the battery.

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