There was a huge explosion on the sun today which means that during the next two or three nights we might get to see spectacular auroras or northern lights here in the northern hemisphere, maybe as far south as France (47-48 degrees south). If the magnetic directions are wrong we’ll see nothing though. In Bergen it seems we statistically have an aurora three or four times a month, but you can only see them if the sky is clear and you look out the window. I obviously don’t look out the window very often at night because I’ve only seen northern lights once. If I could work out what this real time map of auroral activity meant I might be able to figure out when to look out of my window.

My Aurora is seven years old, likes to dress up as a princess or a lion or a bat, thinks Bj¯rk’s song called Aurora is “too sad”, and is in bed right now, reading for another few minutes before I turn the lights out. If I do see an aurora in the sky I’m going to wake her up and show her her namesake, school night or not.

28. October 2003 by Jill

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