my secret blog

I want a secret blog. An anonymous blog where I can write all those things that today I can’t write, not here.

Oh, I’ve tried, don’t worry. But you see every time, after three days of careful design and meticulous phrasing of my innermost thoughts and desires and frustrations I get to the same point: nobody’s reading! And none of my people are reading! At this point I start yearning to link to my secret blog from my real blog. “I came across this really cool site,” I want to write. “I feel just like this woman!” Or, more subtly, I could link to my and my cohorts’ blogs from my secret blog, making trackbacks show up, silently inviting them to see me. I could comment in my secret persona, or drop subtle hints, puzzles in rhyme and decide that those who could crack the code could see into my soul. But were I successful, my friends would find me and would know my secret identity and with the secret gone there would be no point left anymore, and I would stop telling all because once a friend had found me so might the very people who shouldn’t know.

I guess I’ll stick to this. And paper.

19. December 2004 by Jill

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