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summer hiatus, i think

No posting lately. Hardly even checked my pet blog. Way too many things to do…but soon I’m on holidays, and then there are a couple of weeks of writing and then more holiday. It’s conceivable I’ll blog in there somewhere … Continue reading

21. June 2006 by Jill

just in case

Is it normal to check one’s own blog several times a day just in case it’s updated – even though one knows one hasn’t done a thing? I could pretend it was to see if there were any comments. But … Continue reading

14. June 2006 by Jill

reading lists

While looking for a reading list for a student who might be doing some work on social software I came across this interesting-looking site, H2O Playlists: An H20 playlist is a shared list of readings and other content about a … Continue reading

08. June 2006 by Jill


Ragnhild reminded me that the Norwegian Medieforskningskonferanse (media researcher conference) is in Bergen this year, and that the deadline for sending in abstracts is next week – June 15. The conference sounds rather useful in that it’s set up as … Continue reading

08. June 2006 by Jill
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Rich Ling: The role of mediated ritual in mobile communication”

Liz Lawley told me I had to meet Rich Ling, who’s a researcher at Telenor here in Norway – and indeed I very briefly met him last year when Howard Rheingold was here for Digital og sosial. So of course … Continue reading

07. June 2006 by Jill

between the lines

I love reading between the lines of blogs – though sometimes I’m completely wrong about things! So it was fun to see an interpreted and confirmed version of what went on behind the scenes of Jason Kottke’s and Meg Hourihan’s … Continue reading

03. June 2006 by Jill