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parodic blogs

A parodic blog supposedly by the creators of Google. Fiction, mockumentary, whatever. Must be dozens of these kinds of things. Johnny Howard‘s, for instance, and here are a few others.

29. November 2003 by Jill

i shall sms them

“Oh, you can send SMSes to Americans, no problem!”, the phone help desk person assured me. I was trying to change my phone plan so I wouldn’t have to pay 3 kroner a minute on top of the dollar a … Continue reading

29. November 2003 by Jill


Instead of packing, I installed Romeo. Now I have to carry my phone everywhere, because my computer mutes itself and turns on a screensaver when I go out of Bluetooth range. And I can remote control presentations and iTunes. Oh … Continue reading

29. November 2003 by Jill
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problem with ipods…

Grassroots infomercials: Keep watching. It’s great media jamming. (possible solution if you do want an ipod: get an extended warranty, they’d just give you a new one, then)

28. November 2003 by Jill


In, by J¯rgen Larsson: Criticism of TONO’s giving away Norweigan music without asking the bands, to celebrate their own birthday, when they sue bands for giving away their own music.

27. November 2003 by Jill
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the story

I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life. I’m still tired, two days later, though I slept and slept last night. I’m exhausted. But hey! I did it! The defence was excellent. I was calm, and it … Continue reading

27. November 2003 by Jill

newborn niece

Wonderfully, I’m the proud auntie of a newborn niece, Nara, who was born at 3:42 this morning! She’s in Harstad, way up north, so sadly I won’t be able to see her until I get back from the States. My … Continue reading

27. November 2003 by Jill
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25. November 2003 by Jill

over soon

I can’t decide whether to spend the next two hours frantically revising or deliberately relaxing. Whatever I do the whole PhD defence will be over soon. By my next blog post, actually.

25. November 2003 by Jill

free music

If I hadn’t been preparing my defence I would currently be legally downloading Norwegian, copyrighted music for free from Dagbladet reminds me which bands and songs I might want, and kindly provides direct links. It is, truly, a strange … Continue reading

25. November 2003 by Jill
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