SÈgolËne Royale: (would-be) wikipedia president

I’ve been meaning to write up Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry’s very interesting discussion of SÈgolËne Royale’s online campaign from the PDF Unconference on Saturday, but I’ve not had time yet. Luckily Colin Delaney has done it for me at e.politics, even citing my comment that it sounded as though SÈgo was trying to run as a “wikipedia president”, allowing her politics to be edited by the people in real time.

Gobry, who blogs at TechRepublican, and previously wrote that piece on the French elections at TechPresident, worked on Sarkozy’s campaign, so obviously wasn’t a SÈgolËne Royale fan, but he’s certainly very savvy about online politics, and he did a great job of pointing out how very thoroughly networked and user-centred her online campaign was. It was a really good session, and he made some really interesting points. I’m planning to grab screenshots of her and Sarkozy’s campaign websites before they go offline and maybe make a Slideshare presentation out of them for future use, because this stuff would make very good examples for teaching or talks.

21. May 2007 by Jill

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